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Audio Tools Focus - Minnetonka

AudioTools FOCUS is a family of stand-alone software processors that give users in broadcast, film, television, radio, over-the-top (OTT), and mobile TV (M/H) producers turnkey control over the audio-specific aspects of their workflows.

The first member of the family, AudioTools FOCUS for Loudness Control, is the industry’s first self-contained application designed for automated, intelligent loudness control with simple operation.

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Proven presets provide out of the box usability, and the simple user interface enables rapid progress assessment. Administration is also uncomplicated, with easily customized processing that fits individual client and workflow needs. The system streamlines workflows while sophisticated A.I.M. signal processing yields higher quality product, reduced rework with fewer complaints, better consistency, and faster turnaround.


Four easy steps to loudness management:

  1. Choose a preset based on your content & local standards
  2. Set your Source File or designate a Watched Folder
  3. Launch the Job in the Production Queue
  4. Monitor the Job progress & see the Before and After measurements

When choosing your preset, you can modify the factory settings and save your own user preset for later instant recall. You can choose to measure and correct or, to simply measure and log the results. In the Production Queue, you can pause or remove a Job, as well as inspect the log file for compliance verification. AudioTools FOCUS for Loudness Control takes the guesswork out of loudness management and expands the proven AudioTools family with features that broadly address the need for a reasonably priced loudness control solution. Engineers working in all aspects of post can craft loudness-compliant material faster and more easily because there’s no need to remix to target. Instead, they can rest easy knowing that all content conforms to loudness standards while preserving artistic intent.

  • Control loudness while preserving artistic intent
  • Constrain costs via commodity hardware with easily maintained & upgraded software
  • Automate the process of insuring loudness compliance
  • Extract & ReWrap containerized audio essence without touching video
  • Leverage the expertise of MASI’s A.I.M. algorithms
  • Maintain constant compliance with all international standards
  • Eliminate wasted time & hassle “mixing to target”
  • Reduce manual intervention when preparing or QC’ing content

AudioTools FOCUS for Loudness Control offers complete loudness regulation that conforms to the CALM Act, ATSC A/85:2013, ARIB TR-B32, EBU R 128 2010, ITU-R BS.1770-1, ITU-R BS.1770-2/3 and OP-59. It uses Minnetonka Audio’s sophisticated, proprietary A.I.M. digital signal processing, which can handle a very wide range of source material and still produce finished files that subjectively sound like the original while strictly adhering to American and international loudness control criteria. In addition, AudioTools FOCUS includes Dialogue Intelligence for dialog-anchored loudness correction, enabling smart loudness correction based on the actual percentage of dialog in the material. The application automatically detects the input format from five possible file types, adding to ease of setup. Like the loudness tools in Minnetonka Audio’s enterprise-class AudioTools Server, the stand-alone AudioTools FOCUS for Loudness Control can extract the audio essence within MXF and QuickTime® containers, thanks to Minnetonka Audio’s strategic ReWrap technology. ReWrap extracts only the audio essence within a video container, making the content available for processing, and then rewraps the audio back into the original container, leaving the video essence untouched. AudioTools FOCUS for Loudness Control supports:

  Linear PCM Formats Containerized Formats
  - WAV - MXF
  - BWF - QuickTime
  - AIFF  

AudioTools FOCUS for Loudness Control also provides detailed logging of both original and post-processed assets, giving a clear picture of compliance to satisfy internal quality and traffic control or governmental audits. The host requirements are Windows® 7 or 8, a spare USB port, and local or networked storage. With AudioTools FOCUS for Loudness Control, you can easily create dynamic content that meets governmental specs while retaining the excitement your viewers expect. Measure :: Adjust :: Log


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