Audio Tools Server - Minnetonka

Audio Tools Server - Minnetonka


AudioTools Server is an enterprise software system for file-based workflows.

Designed to not only solve but automate even the most sophisticated audio tasks, AudioTools Server is a complete solution for managing and processing linear PCM, Dolby E, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital Plus content, as well as the audio essence in MXF and QuickTime® clips.

Automated Piece of Mind

Broadcasters and larger post houses have broadly similar specifications for administering and processing content in a file-based environment, and benefit from flexible, resilient and automated processing configured for their particular needs. With one versatile system, AudioTools Server extracts audio essence, processes the data in a wide variety of ways, and reconfigures channel assignments as required prior to repackaging.

AudioTools Server provides:

  • Loudness measurement & correction according to current ITU, EBU & ATSC standards and practices, including dialog anchoring with Dialog Intelligence
  • Channel mangement & program replacement
  • Encoding & decoding using SurCode for Dolby® E, SurCode for Dolby® Pro Logic II & SurCode for Dolby® Digital Plus
  • Directly replaces Dolby’s DP600 “program optimizer” hardware, providing a far wider range of functionality
  • Watermarking
  • Sample rate conversion
  • Pop, click & dropout detection
  • Program correlation & channel detection
  • Upmixing and downmixing to both LtRt & LoRo
  • Validation, modification, correction & reporting of metadata
  • Flagging and quarantine of impaired or unacceptable elements

Agile & Complete

AudioTools Server is sold as an individually configured, turnkey software package, designed to address your specific workflow needs and use cases. Just as “agile” loudness control is the key to preserving artistic intent, agility is key to accommodating and managing any asset that comes in-house. As a pure software platform running on commodity hardware, AudioTools Server is flexible, customizable, and immune to obsolescence as your workflows and workplace requirements inevitably change.

Layered Architecture

ATS structure web   

A highly modular design ensures that AudioTools Server can adjust to future formats and requirements by quickly adding codecs and processing functionality to an existing environment, enabling easy customization of standard workflows. AudioTools Server is composed of three layers, with the foundation being the Server application itself. Running on the server are the AudioTools Server modules that provide wrapping/unwrapping, quality control plus signal measurement, evaluation and processing. The third layer is AudioTools WFC, an optional module that provides command and control according to your  business logic and workflow requirements. 

AudioTools Server modules can communicate directly with each other, being driven completely by AudioTools Server to achieve automated processing that’s easily integrated into your existing production. Or, they can be managed by AudioTools Server’s workflow controller, AudioTools WFC, which enables chained jobs with more complex, conditional workflows. Via SOAP and XML, AudioTools Server also interfaces directly with your existing DAM, CMS or DBM workflow manager.


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