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Grass Valley - Alchemist Live


Motion compensated standards converter.

Framerate conversion for Live IP and SDI media streams.

Perfection in Motion

Alchemist Live offers the very best motion compensated framerate conversion for Live IP and SDI media streams.

Supporting SD, HD, 1080p, 4K and HDR Alchemist Live provides transparent, artifact free conversion enabling seamless global distribution of live media.


  • The best motion compensation in the world1 channel of UHD conversion or up to 3 channels of 1080p
  • Supports live IP and SDI media streams
  • HDR/SDR to SDR/HDR conversions
  • SD, HD, 1080p & 4K
  • 4U Turnkey solution
  • Native support for SAM’s Control and Monitoring and IP Routing Controller
  • Stunning image quality delivered no matter how complex the source.



  • Alchemist Live consists of software architecture combined with state of the art COTS hardware to offer SAM’s industry leading framerate conversion quality in a convenient and guaranteed 4U turnkey solution.
  • Engineered for Live broadcast environments, Alchemist Live is built on world renowned Alchemist Ph.C. technology, to offer the next generation of world class motion compensated framerate conversion at 4K.
  • Alchemist Live offers native support for a single channel of 4K or up to three channels of 1080p making it the most cost effective Alchemist to date. In addition a suite of HDR processing tools are included enabling real-time conversion from SDR to HDR, HDR to SDR and HDR to other HDR formats.
  • Our technology has been optimized to prevent motion related artifacts in media maintaining clear, sharp and smooth image output without degrading the image quality even at 4K. It allows multiple standards and formats to be streamed across media streams globally all at real-time.

Alchemist Live Product Range

Alchemist Live SDI offers support for SDI, SD to UHD. UHD is supported via quad link (square division).

Alchemist Live IP offers native support for SMPTE 2110 via 25G host bus adapter. This version is coming in the first half of 2018.

Why choose Alchemist?

Alchemist is recognized in the broadcast community as the gold standard in motion compensated framerate conversion. We live and breathe moving images and have done so for 30 years. Our pioneering research and investment into motion estimation enables Alchemist Live to seamlessly and transparently convert from one framerate to another under all conditions for any live environment.

Alchemist Live provides motion compensated conversion to ensure smooth, fluid and high-quality images – this is particularly the case with live sports, where the content is fast and dynamic. Majority of sports contain multiple objects moving in different directions at a variety of speeds. Inferior solutions can only track one global motion and consequently other moving objects suffer. SAM delivers clear, sharp and fluid images without the need for complex optimization settings and specifically solves the problem of artifacts during live conversion.




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