The LV5490 and the LV5480 are two waveform monitors that can support 4K video signals. They can display up to four channels of 3G-SDI input signals simultaneously. There are four dedicated input connectors with cable length measurement capability, and four additional connectors can be configured as inputs or outputs, making a total of eight inputs, if needed. The built-in 9-inch LCD monitor is Full HD (1920 x 1080) with wide viewing angle and high color reproduction.

The LV5480 can analyze and process 4K signals with the installation of a software code. Other 4K capabilities, such as 4K/HD Pattern Generator and CIE1976/1931 Color Chart can also be easily installed through software codes.


Main Features

  • 4K video format compliance for Digital Cinema (4096 x 2160) or Broadcast (3840 x 2160) based on 3G Dual Link, 3G Quad Link, and HD Quad Link (optional on LV5480).
  • Can display two 4K signals (3G-SDI Quad Link or HD Quad Link) or four 4K signals (3G-SDI Dual Link) (optional on LV5480).
  • It can also display two sets of HD-SDI dual link signals at the same time.
  • Four 3G/HD/SD SDI channels can be monitored simultaneously, ideal for camera matching.
  • There are four additional SDI input/output connectors.  If these connectors are set up as inputs, then the LV5480 or LV5490 can receive up to eight SDI input signals.
  • Built-In 9-inch Full High Definition (LED Backlit) Display (1920 x 1080) for superb picture representations.
  • Accepts Square Division and 2-sample Interleave Processing Methods (optional on LV5480).
  • DVI and HD-SDI Rasterizer Output and SDI re-clocked output.
  • 4K/HD Pattern Generator function, includes 75%-100% color bars, ramp, cross-hatch (optional on LV5480)
  • Waveform, Vector, Picture can be displayed individually or in combination.
  • CINELITE® II (Cinelite® and Cinezone®) available as standard feature.
  • CIE1931 Chromaticity Diagram based on the standard BT.2020 is available as an option.
  • Focus Assist (patent pending) allows for a more accurate focus of details and it’s available as an option.
  • Custom User-Defined Layout.  Allows the user to change and customize the size of each of the display screens.
  • SDI signal data analysis function allows for cable length measurement, CRC error, embedded audio error, event log, data dump, timing display, etc.
  • Frequency Deviation is standard.  This feature detects any difference in the frequency of each SDI input signal.
  • 4-input Phase Measurement checks the difference between a reference SDI signal or an external reference signal and the other input signals.
  • Digital Audio Option. De-embeds SDI audio signals and displays Lissajous, surround sound and meter displays.  There will be a Dolby® analysis option in the future.
  • 16 channels of audio display are available from one SDI signal.
  • Eye Pattern & Jitter Measurement capabilities are available as an option.
  • Frame Capture function captures single frames in an SDI signal, manually or automatically, when error occurs.
  • Screen Capture feature. The display can be captured and stored as an image data. The captured data can be displayed on the LV5490. It can also be saved as bitmap files to USB memory, which makes it possible to view the data on a PC.
  • LTC or VITC that is embedded in the SDI signal and the D-VITC of an SD signal can be displayed.
  • External remote connector available to load presets, switch input signals, and transmit alarms.
  • Ethernet port (to be supported in the future) can be used to control the LV5490 remotely over TELNET and HTTP, transfer files over FTP, detect errors over SNMP.
  • RS-422/485 connector comes installed in the unit but the function to display a camera ID using serial communication is an option and needs to be custom-ordered due the different camera manufacturers.
  • An USB Mouse can be used to control the front panel of the LV5490.  If the measurement screens are displayed on an external monitor (via DVI-D or HD-SDI), the LV5490 can be controlled remotely.


  • Eye Pattern and Jitter Measurement Option (LV5490SER02)
    This option allows the monitor to measure the eye pattern and jitter of the SDI signal
  • Digital Audio Option (LV5490SER03)
    The Digital Audio option card allows to analyze the audio embedded in the SDI video signal as well as the external audio provided from the 16 audio input channels.  Lissajous curves, Surround Sound, Meter, and Status can be measured and displayed with this option.  Event log and channel status are also available.
  • Focus Assist (LV5490SER04)
    Focus Assist (patent pending) is an optional feature of the LV5490.  It’s best for scenes with low contrast details and facilitates the focusing of details even in small objects.  It provides a visual pattern where the specific scene is focused the most.  For more information, click HERE.
  • CIE 1931 Chromaticity Chart (LV5490SER05)
    A scene can be represented on the CIE1931 chart, as established on the ITU BT.2020 standard for 4K and 8K signals.  This color space is much richer and wider than the one established for HD signals (ITU BT.709).  For more information, click HERE.
  • 12G-SDI (LV5490SER06)
    This option is an interface card equipped with four 12G-SDI inputs. The card supports 12G-SDI, 3G-SDI quad link, 3G-SDI dual-link and HD-SDI. The card also incorporates a reclocked 12G-SDI output.
    12G-SDI eye pattern with jitter measurements will also be available as an option.
  • HDR – High Dynamic Range (LV5490SER07)
    This option adds cd/m2 measurements on the waveform display and indicates HDR cd/m2 levels on the CINEZONE® picture display using false colors to highlight areas with HDR content.
    The HDR option supports SMPTE ST2084 (Dolby PQ curve), ARIB STD B-67 (BBC/NHK Hybrid Log Gamma) and S-Log3 (Sony).




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