V-NOVA - P-link

V-NOVA - P-link

Dual UHD/8HD video encoder and decoder

In video production and contribution, PERSEUS’ processing power advantage enables up to 70% cost savings per channel, while at the same time unlocking the promises of low-latency visually lossless UHD sports contribution, HDR, remote production, IP production and software-defined workflows, including virtualisation and cloud.

Typical use cases include:

80 Mbps - for studio-quality HD Intra Contribution.

200 Mbps - for visually lossless intra-only UHDp60 Contribution.

400 Mbps - for 8 visually lossless intra-only full HD feeds or two visually lossless intra-only UHDp60, within a single low-cost appliance.

All of the above, with convenient software encoding and decoding ready to deploy in virtualised and cloud environments.



Power of software allows high density HD & UHD bi-directional flexibility, lowering cost per channel significantly by minimizing CAPEX & OPEX driving down Total Cost of Ownership.


Visually lossless, intra 4K/UHD signals can be delivered at 200-300 Mbps, and multiple 4K/UHD and HD services can be delivered by a single 1 Gbps link.


Dynamic Multiplex lets the encoder adjust the bandwidth between services according to complexity and priority, in real time, allowing more services or higher quality for a given link.

Contribution Solutions

Remote Production

V-Nova - P.Link Video Encoder and Decoder - Remote Production

  • Program, Preview and Proxy Bitrates can be set frame by frame, via automation
  • 8 3G-SDI allow 6 camera 2 return videos in 1 rack unit


V-Nova - P.Link Video Encoder and Decoder - Site To Site

  • Maintains Video Fidelity after Concatenated Encodes
  • Dynamic Multiplex allocates bandwidth between services according to complexity

Post Production

V-Nova - P.Link Video Encoder and Decoder - Post Production

  • 4K HDR to provide an accurate facsimile of video frames at each location
  • Configurable services to give maximum quality to Source and Produced monitors

OB Truck / Event Production

V-Nova - P.Link Video Encoder and Decoder - Event Production

  • Two UHD or Eight HD videos in 1 Rack Unit
  • Bidirectional 3G-SDI allow P.Link to provide UHD, HD feeds with Return Video

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