IPtec - SMMT

IPtec - SMMT

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The Service Management and Monitoring Tool (SMMT) enables a practical method to manage and monitor TNP and VNP service provisioning. The integration of telemetry and video control provides IPtec with the superior resource management system by automatically creating point-to-point and point-to-multi-point connections through an automated process.


  • Secure SNMPv3 Communication
  • User Defined Graphical Network Display
  • Integrated 24/7 Alarm and Network Monitor
  • Scalable from 2 devices to over a 1,000
  • Automatic Device Discovery
  • Deployable in less than 10 minutes
  • Multiple User Access
  • Drag & Drop Service Provisioning
  • Group Provisioned Connections
  • Add/Drop destinations without disruption
  • Scheduled Service Start & Stop Times
  • Timeout service after specified minutes
  • Statistics for service and network quality
  • Mission Statistics from Service Start to Stop
  • Create & Save Service Configuration Profiles




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