Telestream - Wirecast Gear

Telestream - Wirecast Gear

Easily Capture, Produce, & Stream High-Quality Videos

Wirecast Gear 4K is an easy-to-use, all-in-one live video streaming and production solution. No need to build your system from scratch, start streaming in minutes with a flexible platform, preconfigured and built specifically to run Wirecast and handle professional 4K video productions. Just connect your cameras and start producing and streaming your events.

Harnessing years of dedicated R&D, the new Wirecast Gear 4K is our most advanced hardware yet, delivered in a streamlined package at an unbeatable price.

Wirecast Gear 4K offers a unique blend of performance, ease of use, and affordability. Supporting at least 12 NDI inputs out of the box, Wirecast Gear 4K is bundled with our award-winning Wirecast Pro software and Switch Player, which leverages Telestream’s enterprise Media Framework technology for high-end, multiformat video encoding, QC, and correction. Wirecast Gear 4K comes with AMD Ryzen architecture, five camera inputs (SDI or HDMI), and an integrated GPU supporting full 4Kp60 workflows with all the live video streaming and production tools you might need out-of-the-box.

With this custom-designed hardware, you can have a live event production switcher, live news production system, and video post production solution all in one machine.

Fully configured, end-to-end, live video streaming production system that is affordable and easy to use. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




With a durable and portable rack mounted design, Wirecast Gear 4K is the perfect hardware for your permanent studio or for use on location. 

Bring in feeds via NDI, HDMI, or SDI inputs, with server-grade components and the latest NVMe storage to make ingesting media into your Wirecast Gear 4K easy and reliable.



With Wirecast Pro, the integrated Stock Media Library*, and Switch Player preinstalled on Wirecast Gear 4K machines, your live streams have never been more professional, polished, or powerful. Create beautiful titles, draw from over 500,000+ unique media assets, and pull it all together with Wirecast Pro to create the perfect broadcast for your viewers, no matter the destination.

*with an active Wirecast Access Plan



Live streaming can take a toll on a computer’s CPU, but not on a Wirecast Gear 4K. Hardware-accelerated encoding, AMD Ryzen architecture, a dedicated NVIDIA Quadro graphics card, multiple simultaneous encodes, and 3rd party thermal testing makes the Wirecast Gear 4K ready for the most demanding 4Kp60 broadcasting workflows.

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