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Telestream - Captioning

Simplify video captioning & subtitling in any digital workflow.

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Simplify video captioning & subtitling in any digital workflow - Windows only

Easily author, edit, encode, and repurpose video captions & subtitles for television, web, and mobile delivery.

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Captioning and subtitling software for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Subscription-based, broadcast-quality 

captioning and subtitling software.



Simplify video captioning & subtitling in any digital workflow. 

Easily author, edit, encode, and repurpose video captions & subtitles for television, web and mobile delivery.

At the core of CaptionMaker is the e-Captioning™ engine. This revolutionary technology integrates with digital production systems to prepare and encode both standard and high definition video with caption and subtitle data. CaptionMaker simplifies the process of complying with government regulations, enabling greater access to broadcast content for television, online, and mobile viewers.


Create and Edit

The fastest and simplest way to author and edit closed captions and subtitles for any type of video. Take advantage of the same powerful yet easy to use closed captioning software trusted by top industry professionals. Now Available: Speech-to-Text with Timed Text Speech.


Encode into Media

Export closed captions and subtitles directly into broadcast and web media files, as well as a broad range of caption and subtitle file formats, with industry-leading format creation and conversion support. Troubleshoot and QC your accessible video files.


Automate Processing

Automate high volume caption and subtitle processing tasks such as insertion and extraction, format conversion, timing and frame rate adjustment, sub-clipping and clip assembly. Combine with Vantage for powerful automated closed captioning workflows.


Automatic Transcription


Dramatically save time by automatically creating a text transcript of your video using speech-to-text technology. Auto-Transcribe your media in over 100 languages using Timed Text Speech. This cloud based service uses the power of AI to return texting and timing results to CaptionMaker.

  • Text and timing populates directly to your captioning project
  • Review text results as they are received along with your video
  • Quickly edit text results with new custom keystrokes
  • Automatically loop video while reviewing text results
  • Index your videos for key word searches

Fast, Efficient Processing

CaptionMaker provides an efficient way for you to comply with federal regulations while maintaining fast delivery of time-sensitive captioned video material.

  • Use existing video editing systems, capture cards and video servers
  • Begin preparing your captions while you are editing
  • Convert captions to subtitles and webcast formats
  • Convert the video frame rate and timing of captions or subtitles
  • Batch encode closed captions to various video deliverables
  • Output Caption and Subtitle files to Vantage for DVB Teletext, DVB Subtitles, and video transcoding with CEA-608 and 708 to various media formats.
  • Prepare captions and subtitles in various resolutions and frame rates including 4K, UHD, and 23.98 fps
  • Fix, troubleshoot, and legalise problematic caption file formats such as SCC.

e-Captioning engine

At the core of CaptionMaker is the e-Captioning™ engine. This revolutionary technology integrates with digital production systems to prepare and encode both standard and high definition video with caption and subtitle data.

  • Encode subtitles and captions to various file formats
  • Export subtitle and caption data to video editing systems
  • Embed captions and subtitles into OTT Web and mobile content
  • Extract caption and subtitle data from video files or live feeds
  • Email captions and subtitle files to your clients
  • Edit captions and subtitles in a non-linear interface with batch conversion and automated workflows
  • Enhance your closed captions and subtitles with true CEA-708 and OP-47/OP-42 Teletext features
  • Expand your potential viewing audience with captions and subtitles in an international market

Captioning and Subtitling for any workflow

For file-based workflows, OTT web & mobile, NLEs, assembly & media management, live broadcast & webcast, DVD & Blu-Ray.

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Synchronise your transcript to your video

To caption a video you need a transcript. Then you need to synchronise, or time stamp, the transcript so that each phrase is displayed at the right time. Our Auto Time Stamp (ATS) feature dramatically reduces the time it takes to time stamp your captions.


File-based Workflows

Use our products to embed closed captioning directly into files, including: MPEG-2 Program and Transport Streams, QuickTime, MCC, and more. Teletext OP-47/OP-42, CEA-608, and CEA-708 read and write are supported for MXF OP1a workflows.


Closed Captions for Web and Mobile

Our software provides the flexibility to create closed captions for all the popular web and mobile formats, including: Facebook, YouTube, Flash, QuickTime, iTunes, Vimeo and Windows Media. It also converts existing closed captions into web formats.


Caption support for Internet video players

CaptionMaker now supports all the new Internet captioning formats, including IMSC 1.0, WebVTT, SMPTE TT 2052, EBU-TT, and iTunes.iTT. This allows you to upload your video content with captions for playback on YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, Android, Safari in iOS7, and Kindle Fire. Universities, government agencies, and corporate video departments can now comply with strict accessibility guidelines by using CaptionMaker to easily create FCC-compliant caption data and other Internet closed captioning video formats.


HD captioning and subtitling for video editors

CaptionMaker is the only software products that enable the HD closed captioning functions of Adobe Premiere Pro, and Avid Media Composer & Symphony. You can edit and output HD and SD closed captions to tape, file, disc, mobile devices, and the web. Subtitle overlay files are created with alpha channel graphics to provide compatibility with your editing workflow.


Harness the power of your video systems

Most popular NLE systems and capture cards accept Telestream encoded caption files and map the data to the proper location in the HD or SD video signal. We also support popular playout servers.


Assemble Edit and Automation

Extract closed captions from previously captioned video and re-export them to a variety of formats. Caption and subtitle data can automatically be conformed to match an edit decision list (EDL). Software also supports batch conversion and command line interface (CLI) scripting for automated workflows.


Live Broadcast and Live Webcast

Use our software with a hardware encoder to caption a live broadcast or to live text stream to a web site. Or, use it to caption live YouTube streaming video. Captions can be input via speech recognition software or stenograph.


DVD and Blu-Ray

CaptionMaker works with all professional authoring programs, allowing you to create closed captions and subtitles for DVD and subtitles for Blu-ray.


International Subtitling

Subtitling support includes burn-in to .MOV, Teletext OP-47/OP-42, and subtitle overlay exports to video editing and transcoding systems. In addition, CaptionMaker supports standard subtitling text formats for conversion to modern OTT subtitling files.



Captioning and subtitling software for Mac, Windows, and Linux
Subscription-based, broadcast-quality captioning and subtitling software


Stanza provides a low-cost entry point for organisations requiring high-end captioning capabilities by offering a subscription-based payment model. In addition, to help address the challenges of remote working, the client-server deployment model of Stanza allows captioning editors to work from any location from a simple browser-based editing console, regardless of where media files are stored. Stanza utilises the powerful Telestream GLIM engine built in to play back original high-res files instantly without any need to create proxies or transfer huge media files prior to getting to work.


If you need broadcast-grade captioning and subtitling software and don’t want to spend capital acquiring permanent licenses, Stanza is your solution.


Stanza is platform agnostic – able to run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux and includes a browser-based user interface.


Proxy-less Workflows

Proxies do not need to be created nor do large media files need to be downloaded or moved across a local area network to work on captioning projects.


Workflow Automation

Built-in, optional access to Telestream Cloud Timed Text Speech auto-transcription and integration with Vantage Timed Text Flip transcoding and processing.


Work within a web browser

Captioners only need a web browser and can work from anywhere in the world; no software installation, licenses, or dongles required. Multiple captioners can work on the same project simultaneously, and changes are synchronised in real time.


Play all video files without transcoding

Captioners can work with all video codecs and formats even when working remotely, including master quality ProRes, AVC-Intra, J2K, MXF, IMF, MPEG-2 transport streams, etc. without transcoding proxy files.


The Captioning and Media Experts

Telestream has the world’s best CEA-708 encoding technology for ensuring broadcast compatibility, the best media format support and transcoding technology.


Native IMSC 1.1 Authoring

Stanza uses the advanced IMSC 1.1 profile of TTML as its native format, and supports complex Unicode scripts, bidirectional text, vertical text layouts, Ruby, and other features needed for subtitling in all languages.


Automatic Speech to Text

As a first step toward AI captioning via an optional Telestream Cloud account, you can automatically convert speech into captions using the latest enhanced models.


Client – Server Architecture

Your original quality masters remain on your server, while captioners can work remotely and receive only a preview stream.


API Driven

REST API interface for integration with automation systems and custom workflows


Background processing

Long-running exports such as embedding captions or burning in subtitles run in the background on the server, freeing up captioners for other tasks.


Multiple Language Support

Projects can contain multiple languages of subtitles, and when exporting closed captions or Teletext, multiple languages can be mapped to the required services or page numbers.


Project Management with Version Control

Manage all of your projects and media files from a central location. Revisions are stored using version control, allowing for persistent undo/redo and revision management.


Import Formats

Import captions and subtitles from most types of files, including embedded captions and Teletext in media files.


Export Formats

Stanza supports all modern export formats, including embed captions into media files, subtitle overlays & burn-ins, SCC & MCC caption files, and TTML, WebVTT, SRT, and EBU-STL subtitle files.


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