MASSTECH - Kumulate 2

MASSTECH - Kumulate 2

Intelligent storage & asset lifecycle management

Content management, workflow orchestration, hybrid cloud storage management. Kumulate is the latest evolution in intelligent storage, workflow and lifecycle management for video assets from Masstech. Kumulate is a modular platform that creates your perfect object storage ecosystem, utilising asset management, workflow orchestration and transcode modules to ensure that your assets are always stored in the most efficient storage tier and delivered to the right location in the required format.

Released in February 2021 Kumulate 2 features a more powerful, intuitive core with a sleek new interface, flexible pricing models and a new suite of functionality.

Intuitive new interface

  • A completely re-designed, next-gen interface for Kumulate modules for a smoother, more intuitive user experience 

New Workflow Orchestrator

  • Automate workflows with brand new templates, or build your own with simple drag and drop interface

Enhanced storage locations 

  • New interface & enhanced functionality for easier management of cloud and on-premise storage locations

Smart Reporting & Analytics

  • At a glance dashboards give overview of throughput, capacity, performance and failures, plus enhanced reporting functionality. 

Now available via subscription-based pricing

Support for new Avid environments - Integrates directly into all Avid environments, including Avid Media Central UX - Enhanced security and file validation - Hash-checking to validate in-transit and at-rest files - AI & machine learning workflows - Seamless integration of AI & ML services into your workflows - Significant under-the-hood enhancements - Improved REST API and completely overhauled infrastructure deliver improved performance and seamless 3P integrations 

Kumulate v2 is a free update for existing Kumulate, MassStore and FlashNet users.


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Accessible directly via intuitive panels in both Premiere Pro and Avid, Kumulate’s seamless integration allows users to access their entire inventory across any type of online or deeper storage tier, including cloud, local disk, optical disk, and LTO.

  • Public cloud, private cloud, on-premise disk or tape storage tiers
  • Manage multi-tier storage ecosystem, including all major cloud providers – AWS, Azure, Google, Wasabi etc
  • Deployable as on-premise or in the cloud
  • Automated media ingest
  • Integrated and 3rd party transcode
  • Application-level  interface with all major MAM’s, PAMs and NRCSs
  • Workflows automate batch processes
  • Integrate AI and cognitive services to drive content enrichment
  • Accelerated, disruption-free migrations from tape to cloud or between hardware versions
  • Flexible pricing – OPEX and CAPEX models available
  • Web app – gather analysis and create reports on your usage, workflows and processes, from anywhere
  • Federated search – locate & share content across all of your sites

Contact us to find out how Kumulate can help you move to next-generation storage; we can even deploy a proof-of-concept system, free of charge.

Harness the power of hybrid cloud

Looking for a quick overview? Check out this three minute Kumulate pitch.

  • Unlock the true power, flexibility and efficiency of hybrid cloud ecosystems. Kumulate automates the management of your content across whichever storage tiers suit your business requirements – public cloud, private cloud, on-premise disk or tape. Automated workflows ensure that assets are always stored in the most cost-efficient location, and are always where you need them, in the format you require.
    • Like to know more? Check out our webinar.

Move faster – pain-free migrations

  • Migrations are a necessary but often painful part of keeping storage systems up to date and as efficient as possible. Whether you’re migrating tape versions, from on-premise to cloud, or from legacy tape systems such as Oracle DIVA or Sepctralogic, Kumulate’s intelligent, automated solutions relieve the pain.


Deep integrations & agnostic approach 

  • MAMs, PAMs, NRCS systems, NLEs – whichever systems you have, Kumulate works with them and allows you to build the ecosystem you need. API-level integration with cloud and storage partners, cognitive services and machine learning platforms gives you access to content enhancement as part of your workflows. And Masstech’s agnostic approach means that you won’t be tied into any particular vendor – you’re free to choose whichever best suits your business and operational requirements.


Deep integrations & agnostic approach 

  • Create your workflows, then sit back and let Kumulate do the hard work. Content movement, transcode, enrichment, packaging – build your workflows using Kumulate’s intuitive drag and drop user interface, and your assets will be exactly where you need them, when you need them, in the format that you need them.


Search, Find, Share - everywhere

  • Finding your content quickly is key to efficient operations. Kumulate’s Federated Search takes this one step further, allowing you to locate and retrieve content from anywhere within your organization, at any location in the world. Kumulate’s enriched metadata makes finding the correct assets a cinch – you can even search in different systems (Avid, Grass Valley etc).


Unleash the potential of your newsroom

  • Got news? Kumulate integrates seamlessly with all major NRCS systems (iNEWS, ENPRS, Octopus, Ross etc), allowing users to seamlessly archive, retrieve and exchange stories and assets. Auto-archive rundowns and assets, and link text, scripts and other files directly to the video in the archive. Then use those assets as searchable metadata to easily find and share them, locally and across your entire organization and sister stations.


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