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Telestream - Kumulate

Video Storage Management for Content Creators

Video creation and video views are skyrocketing – pushing the boundaries of how we store content.

Kumulate focuses on simple and cost effective management of your video assets, freeing you to focus on creating amazing content that unleashes your business potential.


Get more from your video

Telestream's content management solutions help you maximise the value of your video assets. We automate your video storage and processing so that, with all your video admin taken care of, you can focus on delivering content that engages, inspires and entertains.  

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Optimise your video storage

Store your video assets in the most cost-efficient location, across public and private clouds and hybrid on-premises solutions.

Streamline your processes

Dynamic video asset management lets you store, retrieve, transform and share your content, wherever you are in the world.

Automate your workflows

Free up valuable time and resource by using orchestrated workflows to simplify the way you process, store and distribute content.


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Transform how you manage video assets

Kumulate keeps your video storage costs low, giving you the greatest value from your assets. Kumulate ensures your video content is always where you need it, when you need it, in the right format, at the right price.

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Want to sell your video content to a growing audience?

Kumulate Gallery is your online storefront. Your B2B or B2C customers can find, preview, buy and download your video content whenever they want.


 Any cloud or object storage  High Availability for MAMs and PAMs  AI generated rich metadata

Any Cloud or Object Storage

We work with all major providers of cloud storage, services & compute so you have access to the very best storage solutions: AWS, Azure, Wasabi, Google Cloud, IBM and all S3-based providers.

High Availability for MAMs and PAMs

Kumulate provides back-end storage and lifecycle management for MAMs/PAMs or other control applications. We present all storage tiers – cloud or on premise – as a single name space so your assets are always at your fingertips.

AI-generated Rich Metadata

Integrate AI, machine learning or cognitive services into any workflow. Facial, voice, object and location recognition automatically tag your video files to power up search and distribution.

Migrate Modernize Solutions for All Environments Prevent Expensive Outages

Migrate & Modernize

Take advantage of pain-free migrations between storage tiers (e.g. on-prem to cloud) or away from outdated, legacy systems with automated, accelerated processes that won’t disrupt your day to day operations.

Solutions for All Environments

Seamless integration of storage management and file processing into all major editing systems and tools. Access your video assets and projects without leaving the environment you already love.

Prevent Expensive Outages

Cost-effective peace of mind – Kumulate provides automated content, processes and systems replication in your choice of storage tiers for disaster recovery and business continuity.

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