Video Clarity - ClearView Extreme 4K

Video Clarity - ClearView Extreme 4K

  • K Dual Interface or 4K with Uncompressed IP Model
  • Picture Quality Analyzer and Audio Quality Tester
  • Format Independent Video Quality Analyzer with 4K@60Hz 10 bit Play while Record and Dual Output
  • Preloaded VQEG & EBU Video Test Sequences
  • ClearView File Importer with Optional Dolby® Digital Plus Professional Input Decoder
  • Perceptual Audio & Video Metrics (PEAQ, MOVIE, JND, MS-SSIM on both DMOS and MS-SSIM scales)
  • Objective Audio & Video Metrics (LKFS Loudness, aFREQ with lip sync, PSNR)
  • New for v8.4 – Waveform & Vectorscope – WFM
  • 4K interactive side-by-side playback of two sequences up to 60Hz in Quad or 2SI (10G IP is up to 1080p50/60)
  • 4K Dual model applies two Quad 3G inputs, or two Quad 3G and HDMI outputs, or simultaneous 4K I/O up to 60Hz
  • 4K Single with IP model applies one Quad 3G for input or output, mix and match IP with SDI for simultaneous 1080p I/O up to 50/60 Hz.
  • Side-by-Side Viewing Modes
  • GUI controlled or command line scriptable with examples for python, perl, etc.
  • Dual 4K IO: Interface Description Page
  • Model CV-S8084-4K-12 – 12 TB, or Model CV-S8084-4K-24 – 24 TB storage
  • Single 4K + IP Models: CV-S8084-IP-12 -12 TB, or CV-S8084-IP-24 – 24 TB storage
  • Option: Venue Player
  • Option: Test Patterns
  • With RTM 4K license – models CV-S8084-RTM-4K-12 or CV-S8084-RTM-4K-24
  • ClearView Extreme Solution Page

PLEASE VISIT ( ClearView Extreme 4K Datasheet here


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