Wowza - Streaming Engine

Wowza - Streaming Engine

Wowza Streaming Engine is the gold standard of customizable streaming server software for building and delivering professional-grade streaming at any scale.


Wowza Streaming Engine is

  • The industry leader for live and on-demand streaming at any scale
  • Loaded with resources and tools for developers and builders
  • Built with a future-proof core architecture
  • Backed by experience, industry expertise, and world-class support
  • Built to deliver pro-quality mobile, low-latency, VR, and 360° streaming experiences
  • Natively configured to support the Wowza WOWZ™ protocol for building ultra-low latency workflows


The Wowza Streaming Engine Advantage


Flexible & Customizable

  • Ingest Any Live Stream - Use the best encoding solution for your needs, from free software-based RTMP encoders to broadcast-grade MPEG-TS hardware.
  • Deliver to Any Device - Deliver video and audio streams to any player and any device, over any protocol, from a single streaming server.

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  • Stream Live, Linear, and On-Demand Content - Create live, linear, or on-demand streaming applications for live events, news, surveillance, monitoring, video libraries, and more.
  • Record and Archive Live Streams - Record a live stream to a file available for on-demand playback. Record an entire live webcast into a single file, segment it into multiple files for chapter replay, or start and stop recording at predetermined points for partial archiving.
  • Transcode Streams for Optimal Viewer Experiences - Transcoding with Wowza technology lets you refine your live encoding and streaming workflow, saving on upload bandwidth while delivering the best-possible-quality streams to each user's device.

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Built to Build On

Programmable Architecture - Leverage a comprehensive suite of tools, APIs, and SDKs to automate workflows, accelerate your development cycle, and deliver innovative streaming services.

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Multi-Level Content Security - Ensure that your streams are protected with Wowza software's wide variety of security measures.

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Premium Support - Our premium support plans provide access to Wowza streaming experts when and where you need them.

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Optimized for Scalability

Extensible Modular Architecture - Deploy and modify your Wowza Streaming Engine instances to suit your specific needs. Add stand-alone instances, clusters, and edge servers seamlessly and non-disruptively.

Automated Management and Monitoring - Wowza Streaming Engine monitoring tools, comprehensive APIs, and SNMP integration enable proactive load and performance management. Use the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager GUI, or integrate with your preferred applications and tools.

Tightly Integrated with CDNs and Services - Wowza Steaming Engine is tightly integrated with industry-leading CDNs and streaming services, including Wowza CDN, Facebook Live, Akamai, YouTube Live, Limelight Networks, and TATA Communications.

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Flexible Deployment Options - Deploy Wowza Streaming Engine software in bare-metal, virtualized, and Docker containers on private infrastructure, with your preferred public cloud provider, or as a hybrid configuration to suit your current and future needs. 

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