Torque - Electronic Couch Potato (ECP)

Torque - Electronic Couch Potato (ECP)

The ECP is designed to monitor and test video quality of experience. This affordable, compact, palm-sized monitoring probe monitors true customer viewing experience by providing measurements from the end users’ point of view, after the STB. Scanning through available channels or navigating through interactive content menus via an external IR blaster, the ECP provides a single dashboard highlighting service quality across all channels.

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It features a modern open architecture API, making it easy to integrate measurements and alarms into any third party system. This flexibility means that the ECP is not only an indispensable tool for monitoring broadcast content, it is an important tool in automating testing in R&D and system QA applications. It epitomizes the ideal solution to measure the end-to-end process in a television delivery chain. It is available in four models, each with different inputs: HDMI, Composite, DVI and VGA.


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