Torque - DVStor

Torque - DVStor

DVStor is a self-contained transport stream recording and playout solution. It archives transport stream data complete with all services, SI/PSIP tables and any private metadata. Transport stream data can be recorded in full, or as a selected subset of content. Inputs to the DVStor can be over a Gigabit Ethernet interface or an optional ASI input. DVStor can play out a custom playlist of content recorded off the input or evergreen material uploaded from asset store. Content in the DVStor can be played out over IP or the optional ASI output.

DVStor Compliance Recording

DVStor Compliance Recording Solution is a robust recording and playout engine for MPEG Transport Streams. It records the entire TS without encoding or modifying it. Stored content is fully fit for rebroadcast or repurpose.

Further, the DVStor is not restricted to simply compliance recording. Its versatility also makes it a perfect solution for disaster recovery playout, digital time shift, as well as remote clip extraction. Highly scalable, DVStor can support thousands of channels for months.

DVStor Incremental File Transfer

DVStor TimelineContentBrowser 1024x407   DVStor incremental transfer




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