Telestream - Lightspeed Live Capture C2

Telestream - Lightspeed Live Capture C2

Telestream® Lightspeed® Live Capture C2 adds a flexible two channel Live Capture solution to the Telestream portfolio of professional enterprise-class video products.

Lightspeed Live Capture C2 server can operate as a standalone capture device, a multiple server capture farm or be seamlessly added to a Vantage domain of any size.


Lightspeed Live Capture C2 server is a flexible and scalable video capture solution supporting two (2) SD/3G-HD SDI inputs, or Transport/RTMP IP inputs. Live Capture ingests into multiple video formats, creating high-resolution mezzanine concurrent H.264/AVC proxy files, and storing them to a large local media RAID or to external shared storage such as a NAS or SAN.

Live Edit sub-clipping of live, growing capture files using an HLS proxy embedded in a user-friendly web-based UI

Live Schedule automatically schedules events for capture using an easy to use web-based UI

Standalone, Capture farm or integrated into Vantage

Live Capture can operate as a standalone capture device, a multiple server capture farm or be integrated directly into a Vantage domain of any size. Expanding the system is easy: to increase the channel count, simply add additional Lightspeed Live Capture servers, add their services through a common database and control them via common user interfaces. The integration of Lightspeed Live Capture servers with Vantage allows for unlimited work ow possibilities which makes this solution the most scalable, flexible and powerful media processing platform available today.

More choices, more flexibility

Lightspeed Live Capture servers offers six easy ways to capture your video: 24/7/365 scheduled recording of live feeds, RS-422 controlled capture from a VTR, manual record including Gang control, DAI (SCTE-104) triggering, Recurring Segment creation, and automated control through a simple Web Service REST API. Lightspeed Live Capture provides direct support for capturing into MXF OP1a, QuickTime or Telestream’s TIFO. For those wishing to maintain closed captions and other ancillary data, Lightspeed Live Capture can preserve this data via MXF, QuickTime, TIFO and Avid/Apple proprietary schemes.

Media platform friendly

The Lightspeed Live Capture system creates growing files that directly support 3rd party media edit solutions, including Avid Interplay, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve and Apple Final Cut Pro. 


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Fast, Parallel Open Media Processing 

When joined with a Vantage domain, Lightspeed Live Capture workflows support Vantage Open Mode. This allows for transcoding, packaging, and deployment to occur through the Vantage domain while the media is being captured. This means advanced media processing workflows can complete within seconds following the end of media capture. 

System Features

  • Flexible codec and container support 
  • Highly scalable solution - standalone or multi-server systems 
  • Captures SD or HD up to 1080p60 
  • Two (2) 3G-SDI input channels with loop-through

Workflow Features

  • Seamlessly integrated with Vantage including Open Work flows 
  • Output multiple resolutions files from any input
  • Capture to Local RAID or external shared storage
  • Direct support for AVID Interplay and ISI/NEXIS shared storage
  • Wide range of delivery options – CIFS, FTP, S3, Aspera, others 
  • Supports edit, transcode or copy from growing files and direct Interplay check-in 
  • Time Shift buffer - capture frames from up to 60 seconds in the past 
  • Browser based control interface

Designed for demanding enterprise-class broadcast and professional video capture applications, Lightspeed Live Capture offers premium features and exceptional performance. Powered by the latest generation of Lightspeed Live server, Capture excels at performing demanding video ingest from similar or mixed format sources, while simultaneously creating multiple high resolution and proxy files from any of its inputs. Files are written directly to the Live Capture server’s local RAID storage or to NAS/SAN shared storage. Live Capture also offers a wide range of delivery choices such as CIFS, FTP, S3 or Aspera using FASPStream systems. 

As a standalone system, Lightspeed Live Capture C2 server acquires SDI video from 2 independent input channels or through IP connections to Transport Streams or RTMP. Multiple Live Capture servers can be joined together to create a multiple server capture farm under a common control interface. In addition, Live Capture can be seamlessly integrated directly into a Vantage domain enabling unlimited work ow possibilities through Vantage’s Media Processing Platform. 

Lightspeed Live Capture software offers a broad range of control methods (Lightspeed Live Capture Web Application, Lightspeed Live Capture Web Service Application Program Interface (API), VTR control via RS-4221 or Vantage Management Console) plus enterprise class system management tools including IPMI, SNMP and Windows Active Directory login.

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Lightspeed Live Capture C2 — Technical Specifications 

SDI Input Sources: 

  • 2SD/HD/3G-SDI inputs - Supports up to 1080-@ 50/60p (3G-SDI LEVEL A and B) 
  • 2 SD/HD/3G-SDI outputs for input loop through 
  • Up to 16 channels embedded SDI audio
    48 Khz/16/24bit / Uncompressed

IP Input Sources: 

  • MPEG-2 Transport Stream(SPTS,MPTS) with MPEG-2 or AVC (h.264) Video 
  • SMPTE 302M, MPEG Layer 2, AAC, AC-3, EAC3 Audio 
  • RTMP TCP protocol support for source input— including support for Wirecast RTMP input 

VTR Machine Control for each SDI Input - Requires optional RS422 kit

  • RS-422, 9pin Sony Protocol
  • VTR control for each in put channel

External API Control 

  • Web service
  • RS-422(BVW/Sony9-pin) - Requires optional RS422 kit

Time code sources

  • Source SDI input(VITC/VBI) 
  • RS-4221
  • AnalogLTC
  • ComputerClock 
  • FreeRun

Edit solutions 

  • Adobe Premier Pro CC
  • Apple Final Cut Pro 7 and X
  • Avid Media Composer 7 or later 
  • Others 

Primary output file formats 

  • Apple ProRes–422HQ, 422SQ, 422LT, 422Proxy, 444 
  • DNxHD - 444, HQX, HQ (220/185 Mbps), HQ TR (145/120 Mbps), SQ (145/120 Mbps), SQ TR (100 Mbps), LB (45/36 Mbps) 
  • AVC Intra - 50 Mbps 4:2:0, 100 Mbps 4:2:2, 200 Mbps 4:2:2 
  • AVC Baseline, Main, High. Bit Rate - 50 Mbps 
  • XDCAM HD - 18 Mbps CBR, 25 Mbps CBR, 35 Mbps VBR 
  • XDCAM HD422 - 50 Mbps CBR 
  • XDCAM EX - 35 Mbps VBR 
  • IMX – 30, 40, 50Mbps 
  • HEVC (software encoding only) BitRate-50Mbps 
  • XAVC-100Mbps4:2:2 
  • DV-DV 25Mbps, DVCPRO 25Mbps, DVCPRO 50 Mbps, DVCPRO HD 
  • x264 Baseline, Main, High, High10, High4:2:2, max Bit Rate 50Mbps 
  • x265 Main, Main10, MainIntra, max Bit Rate 50Mbps 
  • MPEG-2, max bit rate 50 Mbps 
  • Uncompressed 10-bit(SD/HDV210) 

Browser based control UI

  • Manual Recording options
  • 24/7/365 Scheduling
  • Log and Capture with VTR control via RS-4221 
  • WebService API
  • Multichannel Gang recording
  • DAI (SCTE Trigger)

Container Wrappers 

  • MXF OP1a including RDD9 and RDD25 variants
  • Avid MXF OPAtom
  • QuickTime
  • MP4 - complies with IEC-14496-14 
  • MPEG Transport Stream (with MPEG2 essence) and Manzanita multiplexing (optional purchase) 
  • Telestream TIFO 

Proxy output files 

  • AVC/H.264 - MXFOP1a-High @L3, container conforms to SMPTE RDD25, max Bit Rate 10Mbps 
  • AVC - MP4 - High@L3, container conforms to IEC-14496-14, max Bit Rate 10Mbps
  • Apple ProRes Proxy and Avid DNxHD LB 


  • 1 RU chassis
  • Dual hot swap Power Supplies
  • 4x10G Base-T Ethernet ports
  • Up to 6.2TB of local RAID storage 

Hardware options 

  • 8G band 16Gb Fibre Channel HBA for SAN access 
  • Myricom 10Gb Ethernet over Fibre for Avid ISIS/ NEXIS connectivity
  • 2 channel RS422 Kit 

Software options 

  • Avid Integration
  • Live Edit sub-clipping
  • Live Play playback of files and playlists
  • Live Schedule can schedule capture events 


  • Management console and system monitoring via SNMP 
  • Size: H 1.7” (43mm) x W 17.2” (437mm) x L 27.8” (707mm) 
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • AC Input: 100-127Vac, 50-60Hz; 200-240Vac, 50-60Hz 
  • Operating Temperature: 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F) 

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