RSTOR - Space

RSTOR - Space

Fast, edge-distributed object storage

RSTOR SPACE is a globally distributed, data storage mesh. It’s a ground up new architecture, where object storage and high-capacity networks function as one platform. It allows performant access to a single data pool for any application, from any cloud provider and any connected location.


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Space breaks cloud data lock-in, while offering native cloud integration that allows data to be created and used across all cloud provider services.

Space aligns data availability, performance and security to business needs. It enables collaboration on data across organisations, applications and geographies.

Space inverts the model of location-based storage to location-based access. Storage is made available when and where it’s needed, instead of siloed in a zone or private data centre.

RSTOR gives you the Space to run your business with an object storage system that works the way you want – turbo charged speed, data protection you can trust and packed with innovative new features.

It’s time cloud object storage was disrupted. Major cloud providers charge you to access your data, to move it, to touch it and haven’t updated their service in years. RSTOR is here to break the mould and bring innovations in both business model and technology. Your data drives your business, let us show you how we can help.


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Powerful heuristics to automatically move your data so it’s pre-positioned for compute.

No fees for ingress, egress, data access or data movement. It’s your data, why should we charge you to access it?

Access objects up to 10x faster than other cloud service providers, with turbo speed boosts for small files.


You need your storage to be fast, you need it to be local, and you need it to be highly resilient. To do this, RSTOR started from the ground up to create a better storage option. The result: RSTOR have disrupted the technology, the architecture and the business model to better meet your needs.

Simplify your data costs

With no fees for Gets, Puts or other API charges to access your data, hydrate your data or change tiers, and no fees for ingress, egress, intra-region transfers or use of the RSTOR network to move your data, Space makes your data costs manageable and predictable.

With the same baseline cost per gigabyte in all regions it's easy to forecast and control costs.

Multicloud Off-site archive and backups Collaboration
Each cloud provider offers different benefits, such as big data analytics, machine learning and AI. Unfortunately, data can only be in one cloud provider, unless copied at significant expense. This limits the value of data, access to services or creates excess costs and data inconsistency. RSTOR Space allows one consistent data set to be used in multiple clouds Being able to retrieve or restore offsite data when and where it’s needed is essential. These needs may change over time, with new applications, business locations and cloud services. RSTOR Space offers data independence for almost any scenario, whether to a new application or on premises or in the cloud. Space also offers faster data retrieval and better economics than alternatives such as deep archives. Data that is geographically tied to a location often has unusable performance for remote applications. Collaboration may be impossible unless data is copied to physical media and physically moved. RSTOR Space enables data to be created, read and modified across geographies, without complexity and in near real-time.


We innovated all the way down to the rack design, the cooling and the data connections between the equipment to create lightning fast Object Storage that is up to 10 times faster than Amazon S3.

Our powerful management software also automatically optimises performance for small object retrieval to accelerate workloads with frequent small data access by orders of magnitude over other clouds.

RSTOR’s erasure coding ensures your data is preserved, with automated synchronisation to geographically diverse regions giving 99.999999999 (11 nines) of data durability.

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RSTOR Space Nodes and Mesh Fabric 

RSTOR Space is where you need it to be. Our Points of Presence (PoPs) are expanding fast with locations across North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. RSTOR doesn’t believe in regions so your data can freely roam between PoPs to be wherever you need it with automatic data syncronisation between PoPs included for free. These PoPs are connected by RSTOR’s proprietary data accelerated network which dramatically increases the speed of data transfer with full end-to-end encryption during movement and optionally at rest. 


RSTOR Space is unique because it distributes storage region-free throughout our network. You can pick to keep all of your data in one region like other clouds, or distribute data copies between RSTOR nodes and we’ll automatically duplicate it to keep those copies in perfect synchronisation. If you prefer, you can deploy using our exclusive data superpositioning technology to distribute your data automatically for you wherever you need to access it.

Business Model

RSTOR doesn’t charge for ingress, egress, data access, data movement or API fees. This means you can move your data whenever you want and use our superfast network to do it at no extra cost. With RSTOR you don’t need to store all your data in one region and you shouldn’t feel trapped that you can’t move it. Only RSTOR’s unique combination of technology, architecture and business model lets you fragment and distribute your data around the world without being charged extra fees – try doing that with your current CSP.


RSTOR makes your applications and databases run faster. By co-locating with the major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), RSTOR Space enables you to use compute, database or server less functions from your CSP but switch to RSTOR Space for storage. Your applications and databases will run faster but without any of the egress charges from the other guys. RSTOR Space is compatible with S3 object protocols – simply redirect your application to your RSTOR bucket and watch it go.


RSTOR provides comprehensive APIs for your applications to read and write directly to your Space. You can also use your preferred S3 management console or our comprehensive web GUI to provision and manage your buckets.

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With RSTOR you don’t need to store all your data in one region and you shouldn’t feel trapped that you can’t move it. Only RSTOR’s unique combination of technology, architecture and business model lets you fragment and distribute your data around the world without being charged extra fees – try doing that with your current CSP. 


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