NEWTEK - 3Play Range

NEWTEK - 3Play Range

Captivate more viewers at your events—and beyond.

Gain a competitive advantage with 3Play.

Venues looking to enhance the event atmosphere and extend their brands online, or broadcasters engaging audiences at home and increasing program exposure—anyone can use NewTek 3Play to make small events look like network-style shows and turn large events into experiences that audiences will never forget.


Multi-Angle Capture

Monitor every angle of all live video sources. Switch between live shots, stored clips, and packages, and capture everything for live shows and post-production.

Side-by-Side Playback

Game-clock overlay and picture-in-picture simultaneous playback, make it possible for refs to tackle the tough decisions, while fans relive the drama and analysts provide the deeper story.

Multi-Speed Playback

Replay more dramatically—in real time, hyperspeed, or slo-mo—with razor-sharp clarity using pre-set or manual operation with your standard HD and SD cameras.

Real-Time Overlays

Display, position, scale, and crop any live or pre-produced video, animation, motion graphics, or network input source—even your telestration key drawn right over live programming.

High-End Visuals

Get the highest production value with already-included real-time cloth transitions, 3D video warping, and image transformations, or create custom animated transitions with the built-in Animation Store Creator app.

Highlight Clips

Audio, playback speed, transitions, and music let you transform top plays, turning-point decisions, and epic encounters into highlight reels for fans to relive the game.


3P1 2RU AngleA Transparent copy

3Play 3P1

End-to-end IP video replay and sports production.

  • NDI® and 3G-SDI I/O
  • Video resolutions up to 1080p60
  • Real-time telestration
  • Control surface included



3Play 4800

World-class sports productions.

  • Professional I/O for 8-in and 2-out replay
  • Simultaneous capture, switch, and record
  • Full-size 4U rack-mount frame built for broadcast integration
  • Control surface included



3Play 440

Full-sized coverage for mid-sized shows.

  • 4-camera capture, switch, record
  • 2U rack-mount, ideal for mobile or regional producers
  • Flexible per-channel HD and SD component, composite, and SDI I/O
  • Control surface included



3Play 425

Get in the game—for less.

  • Entry-level slow motion and replay
  • Compact, 2RU design fits in control rooms and production vehicles
  • 6-channel live replay—4-in, 2-out
  • Optional control surface

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