NewTek - TC1 Options

NewTek - TC1 Options

Studio I/O Module - Workflow fusion at its finest.

All-purpose conversion to customize any workflow.


Complete your current workflow or create an entirely new one. From increasing your available inputs and outputs, to merging established and emerging technologies, to linking locations across your network, the NewTek NC1 Studio I/O Module is a universal solution that adapts to your production needs.

The bridge to your ideal production.


Translate up to 8 compatible video sources to SDI or NDI® for input, output, or a combination of both

Configure for dual-channel 4K Ultra HD at 60 frames per second with support for 3G-SDI quad-link grouping


Integrate with compatible systems and devices across your network for switching, streaming, display, and delivery

Stack modules in a single location or station in multiple locations to meet the demands of your productions


Grow and Evolve

Commitments and requirements can change from production to production. A powerful, versatile platform for multi-source production and multi-screen delivery workflows, the Studio I/O Module quickly pivots to accommodate additional cameras, devices, displays or destinations. And with turnkey installation and operation, you can easily assemble a network of modules to configure your own multi-system and multi-site workflows.

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Inspired Design

  • Multi-channel SDI and IP video translation for delivery to compatible destinations and devices with near-zero latency
  • Eight 3G/HD/SD SDI video connections via DIN 1.0/2.3, configurable for input, output, or a combination of both
  • Support for any combination of compatible video formats in resolutions up to 4K UHD at frame rates up to 60fps
  • Scalable, modular architecture supporting systematic expansion and strategic deployment

Customizable Workflow

  • Built-in video server function with extensive file format support, including full-resolution 4K UHD playback
  • Real-time input, conversion and transmission of common IP video stream formats, including RTMP, RTSP, and HTTP
  • Flexible audio integration supporting input and delivery of digital, analog and network audio, including DanteTM and AES67*
  • * Dante and AES67 require compatible virtual sound card licenses (sold separately)

Essential Studio Functionality

  • Dedicated multiviewer with selectable workspace layouts and customizable viewports
  • Precision colour calibration with independently configurable colour correction tools and integrated waveform and vectorscope
  • Native-resolution recording to external or network attached storage for archive and post-production
  • Remote control and monitoring from the web browser of any networked device, including iOS and Android devices



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