A pioneer in high performance streaming solutions, Haivision continues to innovate in the areas of live hardware and software encoding/decoding, video stream transport and management. Haivision delivers high quality, low latency and reliability throughout the entire IP video lifecycle – from the contribution of video to the recording and management of media assets, through to the publication and distribution of video content to your audiences, regardless of location or device..


Haivision Media Platform

Organize, manage and share secure, high quality live and on-demand video to every employee, on any screen. Haivision Media Platform Enterprise provides you with a powerful and easy-to-use IPTV solution…

Makito X4 Video Encoder

Ultra low latency 4K and HD video over IP Broadcast Quality Makito X4 is a highly-secure, ultra low latency HEVC and H.264 video encoder, featuring exceptional video quality, next-gen performance,…





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