BOXfest 2024 - The AI Edition

28 May

BOXfest 2024 - The AI Edition

BOXfest 2024 will bring together our regular summary of news and trends coming from this year’s NAB together with a more in depth focus of what’s happening in our chosen deep dive topic, Artificial Intelligence. 

We took the decision to wait a little longer to talk about AI because we wanted highlight some things actually being done and look at real use cases as well as look into the future. We’ve asked our speakers to focus on what they can do now as well as where they think things are going. We absolutely want opinion and lively discussion but also want to demonstrate working examples among the mountain of hype that will help us understand where things are going. What’s real? What’s coming? What does that mean?

The keynote session with Boxer’s MD Marc Risby will highlight industry trends, the best of NAB and set the scene for the theme of the event, Artificial Intelligence.


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Taking place on June 26th 2024 at our new venue, the Everyman Cinema in Kings Cross, the event creates a forum for guests to mingle with peers for further discussion and network over lunch.  

BOXfest is all about bringing technical people together, talking over new directions, issues of the day and best practice. This year's agenda will include a range of customer panels as well as plenty of opportunities to network during lunch and breaks, with some lively discussion, good food and a cold beverage or two.

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