Telos Alliance Carbon Loudness Plug-in Trade in & Trade Up Offer

27 Mar

Telos Alliance Carbon Loudness Plug-in Trade in & Trade Up Offer

Trade in and trade up with Telos Alliance – Limited time offer!

It’s time to trade in and trade up your end-of-life Carbon Loudness plug-in and exchange it for AudioTools Server.

Telos Alliance has announced that their AudioTools Loudness Control for Harmonic Pro-Media™ Carbon plug-in is now end of life, and for a limited time only they are offering customers the opportunity to replace their Carbon Loudness plug-in with the most powerful, sophisticated and flexible software for loudness control workflows – AudioTools Server.

Why now? The Carbon Loudness plug-in is end of life and this is the last chance to take up the offer.

What does that mean? The Carbon Loudness plug-in is now unsupported and product development has stopped. In reality this means if customers want to make changes to or add to their system (such as upgrading your OS), or need assistance if something goes wrong, that’s not possible. In order to continue to enjoy a fully supported, premier product, it’s time to make the switch and check out what AudioTools Server can offer.

Telos Alliance will buy back any Carbon Loudness plug-in in exchange for a credit toward towards a new AudioTools Server license during this limited time offer. 

Offer ends 30th April 2024.


Telos Alliance AudioTools Server Table

audio tools

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Quality-First Audio Automation

AudioTools Server automates the most sophisticated audio tasks and offers a wide variety of processing, specifically created for use in cable, satellite, OTT, terrestrial and IPTV, radio, and post-production facilities. As a pure software platform running on commodity hardware, including VM or cloud deployment, AudioTools Server is flexible and customisable, allowing for new workflows as requirements inevitably change. 

  • State-of-the-art audio processing 
  • Customised, efficient file-based workflows
  • Unrivalled loudness tools
  • Compliance to broadcast standards
  • Interoperability with major environments
  • Modular, scalable platform

Leader in Loudness

Loudness Control is a significant use case for AudioTools Server, using Linear Acoustic® APTO® loudness processing. Our loudness-normalisation processes fully preserve the existing audio and only apply a gain change combined with optional peak limiting. Other use cases require changing the dynamic range and more complex parameters of the audio content, such as dialog intelligibility. Advanced Loudness Adaptation is a collection of intelligent loudness profiles designed to adapt a theatrical audio mix for broadcast to create the best possible audio experience for all modern platforms such as OTT/web, mobile/ handheld, and VOD/SVOD.

Modular Design

Modular architecture allows AudioTools Server to always be state-of-the-art, but the real power of this approach is using workflows to combine module functions in a sequential or highly conditional profile. AudioTools Server provides a modern REST API to connect the system to any industry-standard Workflow Automation or Media Asset Management system. AudioTools Server is also a VST plug-in host, enabling third-party plug-ins as part of an overall AudioTools Server workflow.

File-Based Workflow and Next Generation Audio Support

With the requirements for broadcasters’ talent and editorial staff getting more and more difficult, automating as many file-based audio processes as possible makes good business sense. Broadcasters will need to support Dolby Atmos® and MPEG-H content—as well as your existing deliverables requirements—but tools that can do it all are scarce. AudioTools Server meets broadcasters’ existing needs to automate workflows for file-based loudness management, encoding/decoding, QC, and more, as well as easily adding Next Generation Audio support to those workflows.

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