Telestream Webinar - Inspect 2110 and PRISM: A Combined Solution

23 May

Telestream Webinar - Inspect 2110 and PRISM: A Combined Solution

Join Telestream on May 26 for an IP Media Monitoring and Measurement webinar.

Inspect 2110 & PRISM: A Combined Solution

The Telestream Solution for IP Media Monitoring and Measurement

  • May 26, 2022

  • 18:00 BST | 13:00 ET


Join Telestream for a solution-oriented webinar that will cover:

  • An introduction to the concept of “Monitoring by Exception” and how it combines with in-depth analysis to make root-cause analysis and problem resolution more efficient.
  • Diagnostic challenges when video, audio, and ancillary data are separate streams
  • Monitoring techniques to identify issues with PTP, which is critical for ensuring synchronisation
  • How network congestion causes packet jitter and data loss and how to resolve those issues
  • Diagnosing issues with redundant network topologies (ST 2022-7) that provides duplication of streams across two different networks

Led by Mike Waidson, a media industry expert on IP audio, video, data, and timing diagnostics, and hosted by Steve Bilow, Sr. Product Marketing Manager and journal guest editor. This webinar provides an opportunity to see how the Telestream PRISM and Inspect 2110 platforms co-exist to solve some of the challenges we face in deploying IP media.

This discussion of Stream Timing, Timing Measurement, IP Video diagnostics, and Video Timing provides essential insights into the exciting world of IP video, what can go wrong, and how to resolve issues.

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