NewTek TriCaster Neural Voice Isolation Tutorial

14 Jan

NewTek TriCaster Neural Voice Isolation Tutorial

Discover the power of NewTek TriCaster's Neural Voice Isolation Feature

The TriCaster Neural Voice Isolation feature is a powerful new tool that cleans audio on the TriCaster 1 Pro and TriCaster 2 Elite.


Using AI these live production systems can cancel or reduce background noise and automatically detect voices, maintaining all important production quality.


TriCaster 2 Elite color logo 8 1 TriCaster2Elite v1


This allows TriCaster operators to zero in on your speaker's voice in the event that they are in a noisy environment. Eliminating the need for complicated audio setups especially for remote callers.

 Watch this quick tutorial from NewTek to see first hand the impact the neural voice isolation feature has on dialogue filmed in a noisy machine room, and learn how to activate it in the TriCaster's interface.

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