Telestream What's New - Autumn / Winter 2021

29 Sep

Telestream What's New - Autumn / Winter 2021

Discover What's New from Telestream - Autumn / Winter 2021


From Vantage 8.1 updates and news of Qualify, a brand new cloud-native QC service that combines the best of Vidchecker and Aurora to the launch of SHERPA , a virtual event, webinar, webcast and on-demand streaming video platform, here's a round up of what's new at Telestream this Autumn.

Trusted by some of the biggest names in the business, Boxer are the longest running Telestream partner in the UK and have been supporting Telestream customers since 1999. If you would like to find out how Boxer can help you, give us a call on 01582 466100 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Media Processing and Workflow Automation

Enterprise software and systems for transcoding, captioning, QC, and live streaming

  • NEW! Vantage 8.1 is the latest release that includes improved partner integrations with Signiant and Synamedia, camera ingest enhancements and a host of new features in Vantage core, Vantage Cloud Port, and TrafficManager.
  • NEW! Vantage Transcode Multiscreen has extended CMAF capabilities that include SCTE 35 ad insertion and support for multi-language subtitles. To simplify Mutiscreen workflows, there is a new ability to interrogate a Transport Stream source and dynamically generate correct output formats based on the number of audio and subtitle/caption tracks in the source.
  • NEW! Vantage Media Processing Platform supports Dolby Vision® and Dolby Atmos® including new support for a Dolby Vision to standard dynamic range (SDR) filter. Vantage also now supports HDR10+.
  • NEW! Vantage now has additional transcoding capabilities including support for FFV1, Grass Valley HQ/HQX (Canopus), DVCPro and DVCPro HD, and AS-11. Vantage can also now produce Omneon-compatable outputs.
  • NEW! Vantage now includes the Colorfront color processing engine as a filter. In addition to Tachyon standards conversion and Dark Energy noise and grain reduction, Vantage now has FrameFormer CPU-based standards conversion, and a new connector to Alchemist frame rate conversion software.
  • NEW! Lightspeed and Lightspeed Live servers for a broad range of use cases and price points NEW! Lightspeed Live Capture has been updated with support for ST 2110 and 12G SDI. It’s notable that it is possible to run both Capture and Stream on the same Lightspeed Live server.
  • NEW! Switch 5 adds improved performance, Reduced Frame Decoding, ProRes RAW playback (Pro), IMF/DCP Package playback (Pro) & more. Switch is based on the Telestream Media Framework, which means new releases keep up with the latest advancements in containers and formats as they are included in the framework.
  • NEW! GLIM 1.4 has new capabilities that allows users to load a media file with separate audio to play back in sync with their video, improved detection of Nielsen watermarks in audio streams, Generic S3 and Cloudian storage support, and even a “tech preview” that lets users experiment with Google GCP and Microsoft Azure storage.
  • NEW! ContentAgent v3.11 has added enhancements for

Avid Media Central Production Management workflows, Nielsen audio watermarking, Sony X-OCN GPU accelerated decoding, updated camera card metadata support, and a public REST API.


Telestream Cloud

Professional-grade services for transcoding, QC, transcription, and OTT quality monitoring 

  • NEW! Qualify is a brand new cloud-native QC service that combines the best of Vidchecker and Aurora made available in Telestream Cloud, which means this new service is a combination of the technology obtained from three Telestream acquisitions. Qualify is also built upon the Telestream Media Framework, which means new releases keep up with the latest advancements in containers and formats as they are included in the framework.
  • NEW! Stream Monitor has been enhanced with the ability to ensure compliance with ad insertion policy, measuring SCTE-35 markers and splice event messages from the mezzanine feed to ABR streams – even providing alert notifications when ad policy is not being properly enforced or propagating through the video service. Stream Monitor has also added contribution feed monitoring and ad tracking to the system’s existing edge feed monitoring features. Also new for Stream Monitor is the ability to monitor transport streams delivered into cloud processing centers via secure transport protocols like Zixi and SRT. Stream Monitor provides real-time measurement of critical metrics, immediately identifying network delivery challenges, encoding quality issues and audience impacting impairments.
  • NEW! Transform is a cloud-native transcoding service made for development teams creating their own workflows. Transform is built upon the Telestream Media Framework,which means the transcoding and media processing technology within the service has been tested in the most demanding broadcast workflows, and that users do not need to be experts in the myriad of formats and containers in use worldwide.


Video Test and Synchronisation

Software-defined hybrid SDI/IP waveform monitor platform for engineering and production

  • NEW! PRISM MPS and MPD Series, small form-factor Waveform Monitors expand the platform family with multiple inputs and fast IP switching. Flexible enough to support both HD and UHD as well as SDI and IP in the same instrument, and with applications serving the needs of both engineering and production users, the expanded family of PRISM instruments maximises the return on the investment for users across the media chain from production to distribution. The new MPS and MPD models consume minimal rack space and are shallow enough to fit perfectly into the tightly constrained space available in live production environments like trucks. With a mechanical design that uses low-noise fans for cooling, the new PRISM family members are quiet enough to sit in edit suites and even postproduction rooms. Because these are software-defined instruments, it’s possible to start economically and to enlarge the feature set as the user’s needs change. It’s also easy to adapt the mounting for these instruments for specific applications, to access the complete user interface remotely over a wide-area network, to control PRISM with an easy-to-understand API, and to seamlessly integrate the instruments with Telestream’s new Inspect 2110 monitoring solution.

Accurate, resilient timing and synchronisation from a company that knows video

As important as easily diagnosing problems is the possibility of avoiding them in the first place. Many common challenges that PRISM helps to analyse surround timing and the specific issues that result from multiple streams and multiple protocols. For that reason, along with PRISM’s diagnostic capabilities, a facility design and implementation that begins with the most accurate, resilient timing solution possible, is crucial. Therefore, along with PRISM, the SPG8000A hybrid SDI/PTP synchronisation generator and its companion ECO8000 changeover round out our future-proof solutions for SDI, IP, and hybrid facilities. Together, these instruments ensure technical success throughout the IP transition.


Video Quality Assurance Solutions

Better Visibility. Faster Diagnostics. Reduced Time-to-Resolve

  • NEW! Monitoring of QoE and QoS in the production network. Enhanced visibility post origin server of encrypted streams, and Dynamic Ad Insertion. Flexible cloud, virtual or appliance-based deployment options. The iQ Solution has expanded its monitoring coverage, delivers more in-depth monitoring and analysis, and supports the latest technologies all the while providing a flexible deployment model. 

Expanded Monitoring Coverage into Production Networks

  • NEW! iQ Solution’s latest monitoring technology, Inspect 2110, monitors and troubleshoots the QoE and QoS of SMPTE ST 2110 & ST 2022-6 streams in video production networks. The Inspect 2110 ensures system synchronisation, correct content is present, packaging is to spec, redundant systems are the same and optimal network performance. With its customisable dashboard and video/audio playout, Inspect 2110 enables users to be proactive in resolving issues by detecting and focusing on the right information.

In-depth Monitoring and Analysis of OTT VOD and Live Streaming Media

The iQ Solution provides enhanced visibility into the content quality of OTT VOD and live streaming media services in the CDN (post Origin Servers or Mid Cache) and post CDN (post Edge Cache). Using iQ’s latest Surveyor ABR Active monitoring technology, streaming media providers have visibility into their content assuring the integrity and quality of the ABR transcoding, packaging and encryption of their OTT streaming services. Surveyor ABR Active provides QoE and QoS measurements on unencrypted and encrypted content, supporting PlayReady, Synamedia DRM System (supporting both Fairplay and Widevine DRM), EZDRM, Irdeto, and Veramatrix. The iQ video management system, iVMS ASM, with its new and improved reporting and analysis capabilities for OTT Video-On-Demand (VOD) simplifies the detection and isolation of issues enabling users to reduce the time to resolve issues. iVMS ASM provides new detailed reports that include visual reference with thumbnail images for all QoE errors.

Monitoring of Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) of OTT Live Streaming

The iQ Video Quality Assurance solution helps protect your ad business model by monitoring and auditing the Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) workflow making sure ad opportunities are present and without error. Telestream’s iVMS ASM management system with Inspector LIVE, Sentry and Surveyor ABR Active monitoring technologies provides a comprehensive solution to:

  • Quickly find fluctuations in ad opportunities,
  • Isolate trouble periods by time range and asset,
  • Confirm source SCTE-35 signalling to ABR manifest
  • Drill down into visual reference and detailed metrics for each ad opportunity.

Flexible Deployment Model

Telestream’s iQ Video Quality Assurance solution can be deployed in a Public & Private Cloud, SaaS, Virtual, and Traditional Infrastructure.


Content Management

Asset lifecycle management for media content

  • NEW! Telestream Kumulate v2 is here and it’s a free update for existing Kumulate and MassStore customers. 
  • NEW! Kumulate v2 now supports the Archive eXchange Format (AXF), a revolutionary new standard that is helping organisations store, protect and preserve their valuable digital content.
  • NEW! Telestream DIVA makes it easy to transition from Tape to Cloud or manage hybrid environments with LTO-FS & LTO-9 support. DIVA is Cloud agnostic, we can manage your content and metadata in multiple Cloud environments.



Wirecast can be purchased as a live streaming appliance (Wirecast Gear), or as a software application that runs on Windows or Mac. Live streaming production software

  • NEW! Wirecast has been updated to 14.3, and several other enhancements have been added since the release of 14.0. The highlights include Secondary Display Output as an alternative to hardware-based program out, Placeholders and Shot Templates save time when setting up new productions, SRT output, ISO recording for shots in your document, and support for Apple Silicon hardware.
  • NEW! Also recently added is a customisable, Animated Title Library (included with Wirecast at no extra charge), and Rendezvous back-channel chat, which enables behind the scenes messaging between hosts/guests.

Live streaming production appliance

Wirecast Gear is a family of live streaming production appliances for HDMI, SDI and network video sources. Plug in sources and start using Wirecast immediately with a no-hassle setup used by major broadcasters and small event producers alike! Combined with an optional Gear Care package with live support and overnight replacement, Wirecast Gear is the true worry-free solution for live streaming at an affordable price.


Virtual Events and Video Hosting

NEW at Telestream! Sherpa high quality virtual event and video hosting platform. 

SHERPA is a Virtual Event, Webinar, Webcast and On-Demand Streaming Video Platform designed to be simple to use, engaging for viewers and able to reach any size audience.

SHERPA supports a range of use cases from virtual tradeshows, product announcements, streaming town halls to company training videos. It’s unique blend of visual design options and security make the Platform suitable for any marketing or corporate video use case. Complete with a vast array of live and on-demand features such as breakout sessions, webcam capture, slide and screen share, viewer engagement tools like chat and polling, powerful marketing analytics make this easy-to-use solution a breeze for any event producer from beginner to expert.

  • NEW! To SHERPA is a Multi-Presenter Panel Discussion feature capable of automatically switching between up to 15 presenters with support for Wirecast Virtual Camera Output. Giving every host or presenter, broadcast quality video and graphics!

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