NewTek Launch NDI 5

02 Jun

NewTek Launch NDI 5

NDI 5 for NewTek - 5 billion sources ready for production

Available for download later this month, the revolutionary NDI® 5 will be a quantum leap for the world’s most powerful video-over-IP technology. It will make NDI the only transport and codec that you need to run your remote, cloud or hybrid-based production, saving you time, money, hassle and enabling truly global productions.

With NDI 5, NewTek have added planet-sized capabilities that are designed to make your live content production even easier, faster and more fun. Here are a few of the new features:

NDI Remote: By sharing a simple link, anyone can contribute live audio and video using any Internet-connected camera device with a browser, to any NDI enabled software anywhere in the world. 

NDI Audio Direct: For the first time offers seamless integration of audio software into NDI workflows, be they local, in the cloud or any hybrid.

NDI Bridge: Simply and securely share all NDI network sources between remote sites, anywhere in the world, using only a single network port. Great for sports productions and any remote workflows. 

Reliable UDP: As part of NDI’s mission to make video easier everywhere, RUDP transfer makes WAN and WiFi connections more resilient with less configuration required.

And much more!

The biggest benefit for NewTek customers:

NDI 5 will be a huge technology enabler for NewTek customers, as no company in the world is better placed to leverage this new technology than NewTek. It will add the ability to connect with anyone, from anywhere in the world, from any device, into any NDI enabled software. Virtually any mobile phone can be a live source into your TriCaster, ready to be part for your production. It will break the physical barrier across all NewTek solutions, and will give customers the possibility to expand on their productions, produce more content with smaller infrastructure and less resources.

Celebrate NDI 5 with 10,000 Free NDI HX Camera Apps!

NDI Remote will turn any connected device with a web browser and camera into a viable NDI video source and our existing NDI HX Camera Apps can turn modern mobile devices into 4K, NDI enabled camera systems, ready to contribute to your production and unleash your creativity. To celebrate the amazing leap forward that NDI 5 represents for the entire NDI eco-system, NewTek have announced that 10,000 NDI HX Camera apps (across both iOS and Android apps stores) will be available for FREE (regular price: 19.99 USD/GBP/EU)*.

Learn more about what NDI can do to revolutionise the way you tell your story. Tune-in to an all-new NDI TV Episode on Thursday, June 3 (10 am & 4 pm CET), dedicated to NDI 5 and featuring exclusive interviews with the team behind this exciting new technology.


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