NewTek Launch 10 Channel 4K NDI Replay System

10 May

NewTek Launch 10 Channel 4K NDI Replay System

NewTek's 3Play 3P2 is a complete, cost-effective, IP based live event production and replay system that takes advantage of software-driven video technology and modern networking to provide users with comprehensive capabilities, increased scalability and flexibility.

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3Play® 3P2 offers an unmatched sports replay solution; sports broadcasters never miss an angle or unforgettable sporting moment with unparalleled connectivity and efficiency across the whole production workflow.

No single integrated system offers a more complete set of real-time capabilities, or combined with the NewTek live production systems - a more complete, cost-effective, end-to-end production workflow for IP based live event production.

   3p2 family double monitor

Elevate Your Sports Production Powerhouse

Not only does 3Play® 3P2 offer stunning 4K for the first time, but an array of new features means the quality of your production will never suffer and deliver the most professional of streams, always.

  • 10 channel replay system
  • 8 Concurrent capture streams
  • Playback zoom and tracking
  • Complete end-to-end IP workflow
  • 8 x NDI & 4 x 3G-SDI inputs
  • Shareable Playlists
  • Ultra-high definition 2160p60
  • Full transitions, audio & sound effects
  • Integrated dual-channel telestration

NewTek 3play workflow 3p2 lines 3

Shareable Playlist

3Play® 3P2 really is a team player, for the first time, it allows 3P2 and TriCaster® devices to access shareable playlists; operators can simply sync the entire playlists on the network which can be tagged with player names or numbers.

Playback Zoom & Tracking

Give fans the best view of every critical and controversial play in real time, slow motion, or frame-by-frame. Quickly zoom in and out of replays to enrich the playback during live fast action games. 3Play® 3P2 gives operators ultimate control.

Automatic Session Clean-Up

3Play® 3P2 now offers operators the opportunity to manage their storage space by auto exporting marked clips, and when finished, delete unprotected sessions. This saves operators critical time and mitigate risk in production with intelligent drive management that runs behind the scenes.

For more information about NewTek's range of 4K NDI replay systems call 01582  466100. 


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