Qumulo - Stor Wars Lego Offer

07 May

Qumulo - Stor Wars Lego Offer

To celebrate May 4th Week, Qumulo have launched a "Stor Wars" offer, giving you the opportunity to exchange a fabulous lego star wars set for the time it takes to watch a quick demo.


The year is 2021 and file data is at the centre of the universe. Organisations across galaxies are finding it difficult to manage the massive growth of this data across different environments.


This is becoming a challenge, as most technology solutions are not designed to be agile and elastic; often made to store passive file data. They require IT teams to spend countless hours setting up data stores and information silos with rigid and complicated workflows and they are generally locked in one environment.

The universe is in desperate need of a solution that frees users, and the applications that depend on vast amounts of file data.

Their only hope lies in the hands of Qumulo and it’s Jedi-byte masters. As the world continues to digitise everything, and as file data becomes an increasingly important part of entertainment, innovation, and human health, Qumulo is at the forefront to clear the path and make it simple to store, manage and create with file data at massive scale.

  Qumiulo stor wars characters

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