Qumulo Complete File Data Platform

14 Apr

Qumulo Complete File Data Platform

Whether it's down to enterprise level corporate comms, the youtube generation or small businesses looking for ways of maintaining relationships with customers during the pandemic, video has never been more popular.

With 30 years experience of helping companies manage their broadcast, proAV and post production workflows Boxer are on hand to help you navigate an efficient, effective and secure path through today's technological challenges. 

Setting up a hybrid or cloud based workflow can be daunting and unexpectedly expensive if you have never done it before. Working with key partners like Qumulo, Boxer are able to offer a range of solutions to suit your particular needs.

A combination of the current huge demand for content, coupled with 4k productions means that organisations working with video need a robust, secure and efficient solution for managing the ever growing mountain of data this video consumes.

With attractive in-cloud and on-prem solutions Qumulo offer a flexible infrastructure that integrates with existing applications and video editing software. Organisations can also transition to hybrid cloud environments, or burst existing workflows to the cloud to accelerate productivity when needed.

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