TVBEurope's Best of Virtual Show Awards winners announced

11 Sep

TVBEurope's Best of Virtual Show Awards winners announced

GB Labs Unify Hub and Telestream's GLIM takes pride of place on the TVBEurope IBC Best of Show Awards Virtual Edition Roll of Honour

TVBEurope has announced the winners of this year’s Best of Show Awards Virtual Edition. The awards are taking place during this week’s IBC Showcase and recognise the products and technologies that broadcast providers are launching and demonstrating around the show.

The awards are supported by four of Future’s leading media technology brands: TVBEurope, Pro Sound News, Radio World, and TV Technology and are judged by an independent panel of industry and Future market specialists.

We’ve had a terrific turnout considering the virtual nature of the current trade show environment, which is fantastic because it’s important that product development and innovation continues to receive the visibility it deserves despite the lack of physical events,” said Future B2B group content director, James McKeown.

“Every year the level of entries goes up a gear and 2020 is no exception. The quality and agility of the tech and solutions on show this year is testament to the work being done by product and R&D teams throughout this community, and our sincere congratulations go to the winners and all of those nominated for an award.”

 Telestream's GLIM and GB Labs Unify Hub both take pride of place on this prestigious list - in the absence of a live show demo, here's some product highlights.

Unify Hub is a platform designed to meet all the challenges of today’s (media) production environment.


It applies intelligence to combine on premise and cloud storage, empowering remote production while maintaining data integrity and security. It also provides a ‘unified’ approach to content and metadata - wherever your material is physically stored – allowing the content needed to appear as a single, secure and coherent source, ideal for high-efficiency, collaborative and remote working.


It’s a game-changer when it comes to the workflow behaviour that is not going away anytime soon. The cloud and/or on-prem experience has been completely redesigned – for remote or onsite users. And those users will just get what they want, when they want it, with minimal delay and expense.


Unify Hub is an appliance not only designed for the turmoil of today’s COVID-workflow, but it’s also a mind-shift of what and how storage actually is and means. Unique, independent, and compatible with all brands of storage – cloud and on-prem – there is no other product on the market that makes such an immediate and impactful difference to media professionals.

Unify Hub works with GB Labs storage, other manufacturer storage, cloud storage and cloud computer services – all packaged in a 1RU interface.

Unify Hub is available as a turnkey appliance that’s going to simplify, revolutionise and ultimately ‘unify’ all aspects of media. Available immediately, aggressively priced, with full support and maintenance options, Unify Hub is the missing link to your data workflow.

Unify Hub leverages your current infrastructure, as well as your future plans and can work in conjunction with your current on-prem storage to give remote workers a seamless in-office experience.

Unify Hub can handle remote access to the content without having to move any content from the original storage. A massive bonus - enabling remote users to continue to work securely with this original content.

Find out more here.


Play mezzanine and professional grade media files in a web browser.

Play any media file, from anywhere, in a browser with GLIM


Supporting television production and media distribution while teams work remotely brings with it many challenges. A primary challenge with remote work is the ability to see, hear and understand the technical properties of your media library from afar. At Telestream, we call this media file opaqueness.

GLIM was built to solve well known remote work challenges: be a vastly superior experience to the ‘remote desktop/virtual desktop’ play back experience, and to prevent remote employees wasting hours every day downloading mezzanine grade media files. Solving these two challenges significantly reduces the aforementioned media file opaqueness, and ultimately increases productivity.

Visit our Telestream GLIM page for more information.


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