BirdDog Announce the 4K Flex Family

04 Aug

BirdDog Announce the 4K Flex Family

BirdDog Announce the 4K Flex Family - The Smallest NDI on the Planet.

Introducing the BirdDog Flex 4K Family, with a footprint only slightly larger than a credit card, Flex are the world’s smallest 4K NDI Encoders and Decoders. Delivering NDI in an incredibly small package, the Flex 4K Family offer all the benefits of BirdDog’s one cable solution - tally, audio, video, PTZ Control, audio intercom and power - along a single ethernet cable. Available in three options, Flex 4K In, Flex 4K Out and the Flex 4K BackPack, Flex is perfect for all your workflow needs. 

Launched on July 30th 2020 by BirdDog CEO Dan Miall and CMO Eamon Drew, the Flex 4K Family are shipping now.

With 3 models to choose from in the Flex Family, Flex is perfect for all your workflow needs.

Key features

  • Halo Tally Light – 360 degree view
  • PTZ Control via RS232 port
  • Full NDI Encoding with Flex IN and FlexBACKPACK
  • Full NDI Decoding with Flex OUT only
  • 15w DC power out on Flex OUT and Flex BACKPACK
  • Variable Bit Rate NDI – In both HD and 4K you can select the data rate to be anywhere between 60 and 360Mbps. Normally NDI is max 140Mbits in HD and 300Mbits in 4K.

Watch Anthony Burokas of Streaming Media's review here:

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