On Demand AudioTools Server Webinar

19 Jul

On Demand AudioTools Server Webinar

Save Money, Increase Efficiency and Automate Your Audio Workflows

Requirements for your talent and editorial staff are becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Add to that the complication of the work-from-home environment that has become the “New Normal,” and automating as many processes as possible just makes good business sense! Whether it’s accommodating all of the new deliverables required to service broadcast and OTT, or minimising the number of human resources required to QC video and audio output, automated file-based workflows are both our present and our future.

Join Telos Alliance’s AudioTools Server team as they discuss critical workflows for file-based audio processing that can dramatically increase your efficiency and save you labour costs immediately!

Webinar includes:

  • Real-world examples of AudioTools Server clients’ success stories
  • How to future-proof for Next Generation Audio formats
  • How easy it is to incorporate quality-first audio processing into your existing orchestration system
  • When to stay on-prem and when to push workflows to the Cloud

“The outstanding expertise and support of the Minnetonka team at Telos Alliance have been exceptional. They have developed a custom solution for us that is beyond anything I’d imagined.”

—Jacob Gragard, iNDEMAND Director of Engineering and AudioTools Server Customer

 To find out more about AudioTools Server visit our product page or call us to arrange a demo on 01582 466100. 



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