New Rack mount Converter Series from Theatrixx

31 Jan

New Rack mount Converter Series from Theatrixx

Theatrixx announces that the first units of the 8-Bay Rack Mount Converter and DisplayPort to Quad SDI processor are now available from stock and shipping,

The Theatrixx 8-Bay Rack Mount Converter

The rack-mount enclosure and modular version of our popular converters with reversible modules, allows the user to choose between front- and rear-facing input/outputs.

A wide range of over 20 processing and conversion modules is available now and even more models will be added shortly.

Its dual power supply ensure increased reliability and uptime.

It's the only solution on the market that doesn't rely on low-voltage adapters, velcro tape or zip-ties to secure converters in a rack. A real 24/7 solution.

Our reversible rack frame made a strong debut, earning a Product of the Year award at NAB in Las Vegas in April 2019 and another PLASA Innovation Award in London in September 2019.All our converter modules contain the same reliable electronics used in our renowned xVision Video Converters, all in a format specifically designed for the professionals of our industry. They represent an elegant way to get rid of the low-voltage DC adapters that have been plaguing too many pro AV installations for too long.

The Theatrixx Displayport to Quad SDI

Displayprot to Quad SDI

The perfect companion to any media server rack, the device slices a 4K source into four Full-HD outputs, with zero configuration and minimal latency. The processor handles either 2X2 slicing or linear 4X1 slicing with a 7,860 x 1,080 pixels input. The 1U rackmount unit features four channels of DisplayPort to Quad SDI processing - for a total of 16 3G-SDI outputs and is also available as a standalone single-channel unit or reversible rack module.


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