Video Clarity announces new products and enhancements at IBC 2019

22 Aug

Video Clarity announces new products and enhancements at IBC 2019

Video Clarity is excited to announce and demonstrate several new products and enhancements at IBC that are immediately available.

New RTM Models for HD and SD Multi-Channel Testing

The RTM line-up is advanced to the point of having 3G-SDI functionality in all HD models.

All models, as before, include IP functions to mix and match with SDI, or users can choose a system with no SDI using only the included GNIC connections.

These new systems provide multi-channel testing for up to 3 HD full reference tests, or 2 HD and 4 SD, or 1 HD and 8 SD channels in the same system. Three levels of 3G-SDI are applied to the lineup with zero, four, or eight and all configurations are available in 1RU or 2RU portable models with each having the same channel testing density and capability regardless of how many SDI interfaces are on each model.

  • RTM-S1083-IP – New IP only system with GNICs, 1.2 TB storage
  • RTM-S1083– New 1RU model with four 3G-SDI, 1.2 TB storage
  • RTM-S1084– New 1RU model with eight 3G-SDI, 1.2 TB storage
  • RTM-S2043– New 2RU portable with four 3G-SDI, 2.5 TB storage
  • RTM-S2044– New 2RU portable with eight 3G-SDI, 2.5 TB storage

The New RTM Brochure is available to view here 

New ClearView Enhancements

Along with ClearView applying new 12G-SDI interfaces for 4K and 8K functions, Video Clarity will be demonstrating the following items at IBC:ΔEITP

Available now and provided in the new ClearView version 9.2 is ΔEITP. Following ITU Recommendation BT.2124, ΔEITP is useful to assess the potential visibility of colour differences in HDR television images and signals. Applications include camera output characterization and objective assessment of differences introduced by signal processing techniques.

 VMAF metric

Video CLarity will demonstrate the newVMAF metric and its ability to accurately measure human perception of video quality with new prediction models.

 New VMAF Metric Assessment Models

ClearView 9.2 introduces custom prediction models for the VMAF metric to assess quality on a mobile phone and a 4K TV at a specific viewing distance.

Please see descriptions of the default model and these new quality prediction models selectable for VMAF in ClearView 9.2.

VMAF Prediction Models

VMAF White Paper

Live demonstrations of the latest Venue Player-Recorders along with these introductions will be available to view throughout IBC. Video Clarity will be on Stand 2.C57

For more information on any of these products or to arrange a meeting at IBC, please contactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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