Sally Maxfield

Sally Maxfield

Sally Maxfield

Discover how Tektronix solutions from Telestream can revolutionise your workflows;

  • compare HD vs 4K, IP vs SDI or SDR vs HDR simultaneously from anywhere,

  • access PRISM’s full feature set from home

  • explore the SPG and ECO sync solutions for broadcasting and production environments that offer reliable sync & test signal generation for hybrid SDI and IP systems.



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Engineering and production staff increasingly need the flexibility to work remotely, without compromise. With easy to configure remote connectivity available for PRISM, users can control the same GUI that can be accessed from the front panel via noVNC, as if sitting in front of the unit, on location or at home.
Web UI provides full featured access to a variety of information and status tables

Remotely configure and export pre-sets to other PRISMs so that teams are all working in a consistent way

Remote capture and download captured files for further analysis

PRISM’s remote access provides users with a full feature set for monitoring and measurement applications at no additional cost, including the ability to remotely configure and export pre-sets, download the event log and use Syslog for remote analysis of events and alarms.


Dual display prism

PRISM offers flexible tile configurations to provide full screen, or two, three and four tile layouts giving users the ability to select which software apps are visible together.

If you need to evaluate independent parallel streams simultaneously, PRISM’s dual display function enables users to take their chosen tile layouts and view multiple HD vs 4K, IP vs SDI or SDR vs HDR at the same time.

This function allows for complete personalisation of the display set up, which can be saved as a pre-set for each user. The layout can go from two full tiles to a total of eight quarter tile display applications, and anything in between. All users are able to take advantage of dual display functionality, with the same GUI available onsite, in the machine room, on location or at home. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  tek squares

PRISM includes a wide range of apps as standard, including waveform display providing an array of configurations, vector display to allow the user to adjust saturation and hue and IP status, providing a summary of protocol, bitrate, IP/MAC addresses, PTP domain, RTP Clock and Marker Frequency.

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Whether you need to decode the subtitles, select audio streams, review HDR filters or check problems with HDR streams, additional software options can be used within the picture display to personalise your system, to provide overlays for false colour, HDR area, gamut, light meter or closed captions/subtitles. In addition to the standard package an additional range of apps are available depending on your requirements, including IP Session providing a summary of information for the decoded stream, Dolby status, which shows the Dolby Metadata present within the Dolby signal or present within an ANC Packet as standardised in SMPTE ST 2020 and PIT Histogram which provides a graphical plot of the packet arrival times of the signal being decoded for video, audio and data.

squares waveform3


Telestream Sync Generators provide highly accurate, stable, and reliable signals in both SDI and IP broadcast facilities. The family of SPG and ECO products are the globally trusted sync solution for broadcasting and production environments.

Reliable sync & test signal generation for Hybrid SDI and IP Systems

Ability to lock to GPS, PTP, NTSC/PAL black or analogue reference (Black Burst, Tri-Level, or CW)

Changeover for main and protect configurations

GPS Locked ST2059-2 PTP as Grandmaster or Follower

Whether it's a new network design that requires a combination of PTP and traditional analogue sync, an extension of an existing system, or a simple SDI system operating under budget constraints, the SPG and ECO family of sync generators and change over products can more than satisfy video network timing requirements.


Boxer Systems specialist engineering team are able to provide an unmatched level of support and advice, offering exceptional in-depth knowledge across the Tek range.

For more information or to arrange a one to one demo contact Boxer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 01582 466100.

High-quality content capture requires starting with the distribution method in mind.

This AVIXA POWER HOUR webinar looks at IP Video for Enterprise using NDI and SRT.

Join Boxer's Managing Director Marc Risby, Suso Carillo, Director of the SRT Alliance, Kiloview's Vice General Manager Judy Zuo, PTZ Optics Broadcast Engineer Stephen Heywood and moderator Deborah Jones from the Queen Elizabeth II Centre for an hour of insight, discussion and debate.


  power hour



Explore the end-to-end process of delivering high-quality remote production and the benefits of NDI/VoIP/SRT in the enterprise space. Digital transformation in the broadcast and communications arena has come of age, with flexible, reliable, and secure technologies that enable remote production such as NDI and SRT over networked audiovisual systems. Discover how enterprise users can move over to a new way of communicating through an NDI workflow to reach customers, partners, and staff while maintaining brand values.

Watch this Power Hour to learn how to:

  • Understand the benefits of Video over IP within a corporate arena and how it can future proof investment in technology.
  • Understand the differences between a traditional workflow and an NDI approach.
  • Describe the key elements of a secure end-to-end VoIP workflow.
  • Learn about troubleshooting for latency, synching issues, back-ups, equipment limitations across distance, and power requirements.


Deborah Jones, MBA, CTS

Audio Visual/Information Technology Sales Manager
QEII Live, Queen Elizabeth II Centre

  • Deborah Jones is currently AV/IT sales at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, planning and managing the technical aspects of the Centre’s client portfolio. 
  • Previously she worked for the commercial arm of a charity organisation, The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, where she established an events unit, organising conferences, selling exhibition space, seminars, awards ceremonies and gala dinners and ran their publications, commissioning, editing, publishing and selling their book list. 


Marc Risby

Managing Director


  • Marc Risby has worked in the broadcast and post-production markets for over 25 years. 
  • Spanning a number of major technological shifts, Marc’s career began as analogue became digital video.  
  • As the industry evolved from discreet hardware to open-platform computing and file-based systems, Marc has played a key role working directly with customers to provide bespoke solutions to complex workflow problems.
  • Currently working in IP Video, Media Streaming, Data Storage, Cloud, AI and Transcoding technologies Marc has an incredible breadth of knowledge of video applications and related technologies.
  • He has successfully managed a variety of projects for major customers including the BBC, Thomson Reuters, ITV, ITN, Arqiva and the Discovery Channel.
  • As Managing Director of Boxer, Marc works with international vendors from start ups to enterprise in both a sales and technical capacity, helping shape development of new and existing products for the UK and European markets.

Suso Carillo


SRT Alliance

  • As the Director of the SRT Alliance at Haivision, Suso Carrillo has more than 20 years of experience working in the broadcast, media, and entertainment industries. 
  • With a multifaceted background, he previously served in different Production Management roles at Telefonica, and also as Editor-in-Chief at TM Broadcast Magazine and Marketing Manager at Epic Labs and LightFlow Media Technologies.

Judy Zuo

Vice General Manager & Marketing Director


  • Judy Zuo has 15 years’ experience in sales and marketing, most recently working as Vice General Manager & Marketing Director for Kiloview, manufacturers of professional high quality IP based video transmission tools including SRT and NDI hardware and software products for encoding, decoding, conversion and streaming. 
  • Holding both a degree in International Economics and Trade and an MBA, Judy is a multi-tasker, problem solver and thought leader who is results focused and enjoys the challenges of achieving and exceeding sales and marketing objectives.
  • Judy is an innovative and original thinker who has helped build the Kiloview brand through an in depth understanding of the broadcast and production industry, working to provide a series of solutions that fit customer needs.

Stephen Heywood

Broadcast Engineer


  • Stephen Heywood has been in the broadcasting and live streaming industry for 15 years
  • He is a Broadcast Engineer with Haverford Systems, which is the parent company of PTZ Optics.
  • He works with other departments on understanding the products and testing workflows in a “real-world” environment. 
  • Heywood has his own personal brand called “The Tech Buzz” that has shifted over the years from tech, to broadcasting, to now retro and arcade gaming and he runs a highly successful show called “The Retro Buzz.”

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After a rocky few months for ISE, where the show was moved to June, cancelled as a mass in person event an rebranded a virtual show with four regional shows, only for two of the regionals to be cancelled, Installation spoke to a number of AV professionals to gauge their opinion of ISE then, now and in the future.

Featuring insight from Boxer's Managing Director Marc Risby;"System Addicts - A Celebration of ISE in an Atypical Year" the article covers memories of ISE, comparisons with other years and thoughts on how things have panned out this year.

Installation serves the professional AV channel: systems integrators, installers, distributors, consultants, end users as well as influencers including architects and interior designers. Through in-depth features, interviews, solutions case studies and more, it gives its readers an understanding of the evolving technologies in the AV installation marketplace, as well as the industry issues and sector trends affecting the AV channel for more information visit

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NDI 5 for NewTek - 5 billion sources ready for production

Available for download later this month, the revolutionary NDI® 5 will be a quantum leap for the world’s most powerful video-over-IP technology. It will make NDI the only transport and codec that you need to run your remote, cloud or hybrid-based production, saving you time, money, hassle and enabling truly global productions.

With NDI 5, NewTek have added planet-sized capabilities that are designed to make your live content production even easier, faster and more fun. Here are a few of the new features:

NDI Remote: By sharing a simple link, anyone can contribute live audio and video using any Internet-connected camera device with a browser, to any NDI enabled software anywhere in the world. 

NDI Audio Direct: For the first time offers seamless integration of audio software into NDI workflows, be they local, in the cloud or any hybrid.

NDI Bridge: Simply and securely share all NDI network sources between remote sites, anywhere in the world, using only a single network port. Great for sports productions and any remote workflows. 

Reliable UDP: As part of NDI’s mission to make video easier everywhere, RUDP transfer makes WAN and WiFi connections more resilient with less configuration required.

And much more!

The biggest benefit for NewTek customers:

NDI 5 will be a huge technology enabler for NewTek customers, as no company in the world is better placed to leverage this new technology than NewTek. It will add the ability to connect with anyone, from anywhere in the world, from any device, into any NDI enabled software. Virtually any mobile phone can be a live source into your TriCaster, ready to be part for your production. It will break the physical barrier across all NewTek solutions, and will give customers the possibility to expand on their productions, produce more content with smaller infrastructure and less resources.

Celebrate NDI 5 with 10,000 Free NDI HX Camera Apps!

NDI Remote will turn any connected device with a web browser and camera into a viable NDI video source and our existing NDI HX Camera Apps can turn modern mobile devices into 4K, NDI enabled camera systems, ready to contribute to your production and unleash your creativity. To celebrate the amazing leap forward that NDI 5 represents for the entire NDI eco-system, NewTek have announced that 10,000 NDI HX Camera apps (across both iOS and Android apps stores) will be available for FREE (regular price: 19.99 USD/GBP/EU)*.

Learn more about what NDI can do to revolutionise the way you tell your story. Tune-in to an all-new NDI TV Episode on Thursday, June 3 (10 am & 4 pm CET), dedicated to NDI 5 and featuring exclusive interviews with the team behind this exciting new technology.


For more information on NDI and IP workflows call Boxer on 01582 466100.


Tune into almost any TV programme these days, from a news bulletin to Britains Got Talent, and you instantly appreciate how much broadcasters have come to rely on AV technology, says Paul Bray in this month's AV Magazine. According to the Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis report from AVIXA, media and entertainment is the number two buyer market for proAV products and services, second only to corporate and worth $38 billion globally even in the depressed market of 2020.

If the complexities of SMTPE 2110, broadcast transmission, playout and so on become too great, a collaborative approach may be possible, "There's plenty of opportunity for AV integrators to partner with specialist broadcast integrators to approach the project together, which has worked particularly well for us" says Boxer's Managing Director Marc Risby.

AV Magazine bridges the gap between the channel, end-user and the creative design community, for more information visit

Find out more about how the AV and Broadcasting worlds are adopting each other's technology in "Broadening your Horizons";

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A universal standard for AV-over-IP deployment could be the greatest gift the broadcast industry can give to its cousins in AV, says Paul Bray in this month's AV Magazine.

"NDI is a well developed protocol that can be found in both software and hardware products and it's optimised to work in typical office network environments without the need for "carrier grade" hardware that some other standards need" says Boxer's Managing Director Marc Risby, "Options like NDI offer many of the same features as SMPTE 2110 but are simpler and cheaper to implement, which appeals to AV and broadcast users alike."

"In the IP space, infrastructure is only a challenge when it comes to over reliance on hardware devices and competing, un-interoperable protocols" adds Laim Hayter of NewTek, "In a software defined IP environment, challenges of interoperability are greatly reduced, and in the case of the large ecosystem of vendors utilising NDI, we're already operating in a converged AV/Broadcast environment".

AV Magazine bridges the gap between the channel, end-user and the creative design community, for more information visit

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Boxer have supported Telestream customers in the UK since 1999, when Bruce Willis was the highest paid movie star and everyone was worried about Y2K.

Fast forward a couple of decades and it's fair to say it’s been an unusual year to say the least. During the pandemic many organisations have had to cope with very complicated working arrangements, many engineers have been furloughed and system checks may not have been given top priority.




boxer support trio

To help reset the balance, Boxer are offering a free Telestream Vantage Health Check for all customers, designed to diagnose potential future issues before they arise, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your systems.

Carried out by our in house team of certified engineers, trained at Telestream HQ in Nevada, the Health Check is a free service that we can run completely remotely.
Our support credentials are second to none and we are proud to look after some of the biggest names in the business, from the BBC, ITV and Discovery to Viacom, BT and Prime Focus, so you’ll be in safe hands.

Here’s what a few of our customers have said about our Telestream Support service:

"We lean on Boxer support to ensure our Telestream Vantage installation is running smoothly, their team provides a fast and expert response to any questions and curveballs we have thrown their way.” Alan Newitt  - Framestore

"Boxer’s support team is very quick to react if there’s a problem and very proactive in suggesting potential solutions from Telestream’s roadmap that will further enhance BBC Wales’s media workflows.  Whether it’s offering remote assistance to fix a serious issue or advice on improving workflow designs, Boxer treat every issue as an emergency and they don’t remain issues for long” Rhun Roberts - BBC
"Boxer provide an excellent and prompt service whether it is updates, hardware swap out or assistance with building workflows. Given our remote location it is very reassuring to know that we have access to their expertise and are safe in the knowledge that any downtime will be kept to an absolute minimum.” Uisdean Macleod - MG Alba



Boxer’s team of support engineers are efficient, effective, experienced and dedicated to delivering the highest possible levels of service to our customers.

  • Boxer’s UK based engineers are available on site, or remotely via Teams, Zoom or the end of the phone ready to work through your support queries
  • Our Fresh Desk automated support management system provides ticket processing and easy issue tracking so you’ll always know how your query is progressing
  • Where possible we stock spare parts to expedite repairs and minimise downtime
  • Boxer are proud to have been ISO 9000 accredited for quality management for over ten years, with annual external audits
  • We measure performance against KPIs and offer proactive advice to anticipate and avoid future issues
  • Our highly trained engineers take the time to understand our customer’s workflows in order to offer a tailor-made response to each individual issue

We are a friendly, responsive team that takes pride in our work, if you would like to find out how we could help you, give us a call on 01582 466100.



Find out more a day in the life of Mark Jones, a key member of the Boxer Support Team, who brings his unique charisma and enthusiasm to every challenge.

mj for website  

How long have you worked for Boxer? Since July 2013, nearly 8 years.

Where did you work/what was your role before you joined? I was at TalkTalk as a system administrator working on Linux and Windows services before I joined Boxer. TalkTalk acquired Videonetwork the video on-demand service back in the 00’s.

What’s different about working at Boxer? It was a new lease of life for me joining Boxer after working in a corporate structure for 12 years.  I was able to go and meet customers, conduct meetings and training and do more travelling in a year than I had previously done in a decade.

What skills and experiences do you have that enable you help Boxer’s customers? I have experience in coding so I can help customers with developing logics in their workflows, I’ve also worked with with setting up and supporting hardware across a wide range of applications.  I keep up with broadcast standards and technologies and always try to stay one step ahead of the game with new ways of working.

What does a typical work day look like? We have a short meeting in the morning with the Engineering team then it’s straight into looking at our support portal to see what queries/issues are being reported.  Some days I work with my sales colleagues on pre-sales tasks like proof of concept plans with existing and prospective customers, other days I will be training customers on how to use software and developing workflows with them.  I also spend time evaluating new products that we may be interested in representing.

What's your favourite thing about your job? The camaraderie with customers and colleagues.

What's your most prized possession? My wife (she said that).

For more information about how Boxer can help support your workflows call 01582  466100.

In the latest in the IABM's series of in-depth interviews with industry experts, Ben Dales spoke to Boxer's Managing Director Marc Risby about his new role in the company, the biggest challenges facing the industry and what Boxer Systems are doing to help customers overcome these.

The IABM is The International Trade Association for broadcast & media technology Knowledge, support & leadership. Driving the broadcast & media supply industry forward the IABM is the authoritative voice of the broadcast and media technology supply industry worldwide. It seeks to further the interests of members through partnership and representation on a range of issues. Activities include Market Research & Intelligence Services, Representation & Mediation, Event Participation Services, Executive Networking Opportunities, Technical & Environmental Standards Reporting and Liaison. For more information about the IABM visit their website.


For more information about how Boxer can help customers navigate technology challenges call 01582  466100. 


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Colorfront Streaming Server incorporates key elements of Colorfront’s award-winning On-Set Dailies, Transkoder and Colorfront Engine technologies.

Colorfront has trail blazed remote working practices in film and television production and post for many years – including streaming options from On-Set Dailies, leveraging existing in-facility Transkoder systems, and enabling high-performance, interactive Transkoders in the cloud. Now, Colorfront Streaming Server significantly expands the availability of the company’s state-of-the-art capabilities amongst post-production facilities who face the challenge of offering safe and secure remote working practices, which have become even more in-demand during the global Covid pandemic.

colorfront ss 1

Colorfront Streaming Server is conveniently packaged in a 1RU form factor, and can live-stream colour and frame-accurate footage in reference quality 4K HDR from third-party grading, editorial and VFX applications – such as Blackmagic Resolve, FilmLight Baselight, Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut and Autodesk Flame – to multiple remote clients simultaneously anywhere in the world.

The appliance works in real-time with HD, 2K & 4K, and stereo3D content, in Rec709 SDR or HDR with Dolby Vision, and uses SRT (Secure Reliable Transport Protocol) to deliver pristine quality, low-latency live video, plus multi-channel audio, over the public internet to multiple remote clients concurrently. Forensic NexGuard watermarking and 256-bit AES encryption are used to ensure content remains secure and protected.

On the client side, inexpensive small form-factor set-ups support Colorfront’s Streaming Server’s complementary Streaming Player software and enable color-accurate viewing and QC on a range of professional 4K HDR reference displays and prosumer screens. For minimal outlay, AJA T-Tap Pro allows users to connect to a prosumer OLED and drive it in Dolby Vision, PQ, Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) and HDR10; the Blackmagic Design UltraStudio 4K Mini enables 4K HDR output via both SDI and HDMI, while an Apple M1 Mac Mini allows connection to an Apple XDR Pro display directly via Thunderbolt 3, or to a prosumer OLED monitor via the HDMI output.


colorfront ss 2 colorfront 1ru ss 2




  • Sub-second latency robust streaming
    minimal delay realtime video delivery
  • 8-800 mbit HEVC
    much more efficient than intra-frame encoding for higher quality of service at any given bit-rate
  • SRT (Secure Reliable Transport Protocol)
    pristine quality, low-latency live video over the public internet
  • 10-bit 4:4:4 reference quality video
    allows color accurate critical QC on a theatre projector or 4K HDR reference broadcast monitor
  • Multi-channel audio
    48kHz 16bit embedded AAC audio with 5.1, 7.1 surround sound or immersive 5.1.4 channels
  • from HD SDR all the way to 4K HDR in stereo 3D
    works with HD, 2K & 4K, and stereo3D content in Rec709 SDR or HDR
  • Dolby Vision tunneling
    High Dynamic Range with with Dolby Vision on prosumer displays such as an LG OLED via HDMI


  • 256-bit AES encryption
    the same requirement the Hollywood studios trust for all their sensitive content
  • Forensic watermarking
    NexGuard forensic and unique visible watermarking
  • Concurrent video output while remote streaming
    remote session with client watching live from home
  • Multiple destinations
    point-to-multi point solution allows collaboration with multiple remote clients simultaneously anywhere in the world
  • Streaming Player client on Windows and Mac OS
    low cost hardware supported on tower, 1RU and even on a laptop configuration
  • Professional AJA / BMD video output via SDI / HDMI
    Supports AJA Kona 5/Corvid 44/io4K+/T-Tap Pro & BMD DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K/UltraStudio 4K Mini
  • Haivision Hub and Gateway compatibility Interoperable with SRT solutions from other vendors such as AWS MediaConnect


Phil Harrelson, VP of US operations at Light Iron in Los Angeles, commented “Colorfront Streaming Server has opened multiple doors for our team when it comes to working remotely. Throughout the pandemic, our entire dailies workflow relied on the Streaming Server for color-critical evaluation within home working environments. For our finishing teams, Colorfront's solution offers a more robust, color-calibrated, and keenly-priced alternative to other remote collaboration solutions on the market.”

"Colorfront continually develops products that follow industry trends and help us keep on top of the latest needs. With the prevalence of remote working, Colorfront Streaming Server has proven an amazing product, containing unmatched colour and image science. It is also very easy to set-up and use, compared to several others we evaluated. We love it, our clients love it. Every one who’s used it has been blown away." Jack Jones, digital colourist and CTO, Roundtable Post Production, London

For more information check out this short Streaming Server video or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a demo.



MPTS brought together three tech execs to discuss the ways technology has helped the industry through the pandemic and how it will shape 2021 and beyond.

Discover how the pandemic has affected businesses, which technology trends are causing the biggest stir and what the greatest challenges the media technology sector are facing this year.

Featuring Boxer Systems Managing Director Marc Risby and published to co-inside with MPTS Connect Virtual Show on May 13th the article offers insight into how the pandemic is likely to change the way we work in 2021 and post Covid-19.


Catch up on the rest of this month's edition of Broadcast Tech here.

For more information about how Boxer can help customers navigate their technology challenges call 01582  466100. 

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