AV Magazine - Broadening your horizons

28 May

AV Magazine - Broadening your horizons

Tune into almost any TV programme these days, from a news bulletin to Britains Got Talent, and you instantly appreciate how much broadcasters have come to rely on AV technology, says Paul Bray in this month's AV Magazine. According to the Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis report from AVIXA, media and entertainment is the number two buyer market for proAV products and services, second only to corporate and worth $38 billion globally even in the depressed market of 2020.

If the complexities of SMTPE 2110, broadcast transmission, playout and so on become too great, a collaborative approach may be possible, "There's plenty of opportunity for AV integrators to partner with specialist broadcast integrators to approach the project together, which has worked particularly well for us" says Boxer's Managing Director Marc Risby.

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Find out more about how the AV and Broadcasting worlds are adopting each other's technology in "Broadening your Horizons";

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