AV Magazine - Standardise and deliver

28 May

AV Magazine - Standardise and deliver

A universal standard for AV-over-IP deployment could be the greatest gift the broadcast industry can give to its cousins in AV, says Paul Bray in this month's AV Magazine.

"NDI is a well developed protocol that can be found in both software and hardware products and it's optimised to work in typical office network environments without the need for "carrier grade" hardware that some other standards need" says Boxer's Managing Director Marc Risby, "Options like NDI offer many of the same features as SMPTE 2110 but are simpler and cheaper to implement, which appeals to AV and broadcast users alike."

"In the IP space, infrastructure is only a challenge when it comes to over reliance on hardware devices and competing, un-interoperable protocols" adds Laim Hayter of NewTek, "In a software defined IP environment, challenges of interoperability are greatly reduced, and in the case of the large ecosystem of vendors utilising NDI, we're already operating in a converged AV/Broadcast environment".

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