On Demand: Best practices to accelerate workflows and collaboration for today's creative teams

31 Mar

On Demand: Best practices to accelerate workflows and collaboration for today's creative teams


Watch "Best practices to accelerate workflows and collaboration for today's creative teams", an IABM webinar panel discussion with Qumulo, Boxer and Leap.

Including guests Marc Risby, Boxer CTO, Aidan Taub, Technical Services Director at Leap, Iain Malins Territory Account Manager at Qumulo, Ian Marcroft Senior SE Media and Entertainment from Qumulo, the webinar covers how the huge upheaval of the last 12 months has affected the media industry, what functions can truly be done remotely, and how tools can optimise work with distributed creative teams.

The session includes a demonstration of Qumulo and Adobe running in the cloud - highlighting the benefits the two technologies bring to your workflow.


What is QUMULO?

Qumulo meets the diverse digital storage requirements of post-production workflows, providing reliable, high-performance data access to speed creativity and collaboration, as well as robust management, storage and protection for petabyte levels of HD, 4K and 8K content across on-prem, and public cloud environments.

Qumulo’s file data platform provides multiple cloud options to media and entertainment, using AWS or GCP. Organisations can burst compute power to create render farms, or they can choose to spin up production environments in the cloud to enable multi-location production teams to access all the content they need to more rapidly collaborate, to meet project deadlines faster.

Delivering high-performance, no matter the size of the files or number of creative collaborators, while supporting asset management, archiving and distribution, on-prem and in cloud environments. Qumulo boosts productivity and lowers overall cost, helping creative organisations grow their business.

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With Qumulo, media and entertainment organisations can utilise all-NVMe or flash-first platforms to deliver ultra-fast performance for exabyte levels of content. Qumulo delivers low latency and ultra fast performance to support concurrent users to accelerate collaboration, creativity, management, and delivery.

Qumulo’s file system is designed to provide support and visibility for billions of files, with easy scalability to enable rapid growth and expansion. 

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Who are the IABM?

The International Trade Association for the Broadcast & Media Industry. As the authoritative voice for the Broadcast & Media Industry IABM facilitates the all-important networking and interaction that shape and define the unique ecosystem of the Broadcast and Media technology industry.

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