As Good As Being There - AV Magazine Remote Feature

17 Feb

As Good As Being There - AV Magazine Remote Feature

Remote meetings, presentations and even conferences are not only feasible but increasingly considered essential.

“If you are arranging an important meeting with participants outside the company, don't rely on them to have suitable kit at their disposal” says Boxer CTO Marc Risby in this month’s AV Magazine. "A simple pack with a decent camera, video encoder and external microphone shipped to presenters in advance will ensure you receive a higher quality image with minimal technical help".

"Moderated, secure tools help with audience engagement and focus on interacting with people through online polls or quizzes to hold their attention. Platforms such as Vimeo for Enterprise offer 1080p live streaming with single sign on, live polls, Q&A, audience chat and graphical overlays, offering security and collaborative tools in one package".

Featuring insight into Boxer's in house studio find out more in “As Good As Being There” by Paul Bray in this month's AV Magazine.


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