Where can SMPTE 21220 and NDI co-exist?

07 Jan

Where can SMPTE 21220 and NDI co-exist?

The IET panel discussion “Where can SMPTE 21220 and NDI co-exist?” from the IABM Future Trends Theatre at IBC 2019 feels more relevant than ever as we enter a new period of lockdown.

“We keep over concentrating on the infrastructure and the technology and our customers actually care about the application.” comments Marc Risby, CTO of Boxer Systems.

“I have people coming to me saying how do I make this production cheaper, how do I make this a remote production where I can switch it back at base rather than send a truck? That’s what they want to talk about, how do I do that? They don’t say how do I do that using 2110-20, or how do I do that using NDI - they don’t actually care. They just want to know 'will it fulfil this requirement?', it’s up to us to prove that our technologies will fit the use case.”

With the focus already shifting to remote production before the pandemic find out how Willem Vermost, Senior IP Media Technology Architect, EBU (now Design and Engineering Manager, VRT), Marc Risby, CTO, Boxer Group, Will Waters, Head of Global Product Management, VizRT along with Moderator Russell Trafford-Jones, Exec Member, IET Media Manager, Support & Services and Techex and Editor, The Broadcast Knowledge saw the future of SMPTE 2110 and NDI in 2019.

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