Boxer Blog: Lockdown Drives Innovation and Digital Transformation

05 Jan

Boxer Blog: Lockdown Drives Innovation and Digital Transformation

The recent series of lockdowns has been a catalyst for unprecedented change around the world, driving innovation and digital transformation at a speed never seen before.

In our first blog of 2021 find out about Colorfront in the Cloud and the 2020 versions of Transkoder and On Set Dailies, NDI Screen Capture HX, which enables users to share screen captures as an NDI source on a network and updates to Telestream’s GLIM, the ground breaking technology that allows users to remotely play mezzanine/professional grade media files in a web browser.



Colorfront offers high performance interactive Transkoder and QC player systems running in AWS or Azure, with real time playback of IMF, DCP, ProRes, OpenEXR, DPX, R3D, Sony Venice, ARRIRAW footage directly from S3 and Azure blob cloud storage. 

Professional quality encrypted virtual remote video output: reference quality, colour accurate 10-bit 444 UHD HDR video & multi-channel audio. Output locally with AJA and Blackmagic professional video cards via SDI / HDMI.

  • Available on-demand - pay for the hardware by the hour.
  • Amazon EC2 g4dn.12xlarge, Microsoft Azure multi-GPU Instances
  • 48 vCPUs, 192GB RAM and four NVidia GPUs provide local workstation-like performance for encoding
  • All storage and processing occurs in your own, secure cloud account.
  • Works with cloud storage - encode media directly to and from Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

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IMF and DCP Mastering -Submit Finalise Jobs for Background Rendering

There is a new Submit to Queue button in the Finalise window to send IMF and DCP packages for background rendering. Depending on availability, package generation jobs will be picked up either by the submitting computer, or other render-only machines. With this new feature, operators' work will not be blocked with package generation, allowing for more optimised IMF and DCP workflows.

Transkoder Validation Meets 2020 IMF Standards

IMF validation performed through the Colorfront-developed Transkoder validation library is now compliant with the latest 2020 IMF standards. The newly published 2020 IMF specifications contain, among others, the support of IAB only IMF deliveries.

Immersive Audio in IMF (Dolby Atmos)

For immersive audio (IAB) deliveries, Transkoder supports CPLs without channel-based audio, which is allowed in the 2020 revisions of IMF App 2E/Core Constraints. For this, new IAB-only Netflix IMF presets have been introduced in the Finalise window. These new presets generate CPLs in accordance with the latest 2020 specifications.

New IAB only IMF Netflix presets have also been introduced in the Finalise window to support delivering IMF packages to Netflix with immersive audio. Please make sure there is an IAB source on the audio track so that the package generation would not fail.

There is also a new option in the Dolby Atmos Mix popup menu in the Audio Mixdown window: now you can down-convert the IAB audio to 5.1.4 channels as well. The algorithms used for playing back and rendering object-based Atmos source files have been certified by Dolby Laboratories.

Dolby Vision - Improved V4 to V2.9 Metadata Mapping

Due to the integrated latest Dolby Vision CMU SIDK, when working in Dolby Vision v4 projects and creating new metadata (green timeline), the new, certified L8 to L2 metadata mapping will be applied. This improved remapping generates Dolby Vision metadata for tools and devices only supporting the legacy content mapping algorithm, producing a much greater fidelity to the v4 content mapping result.

Call Boxer on 01582 466100 to arrange a demo.



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On-Set Dailies (OSD) is a dedicated dailies system, designed to deliver colour graded sound sync dailies from multiple hours of footage for multiple deliverables rendering either in foreground, or in the background by means of OSD Background Render application.

Key Features of On-Set Dailies 2020

  • Easy-to-Use

Single, standardised on-set or near-set file-based workflow regardless of the camera with a simple drag-and-drop user interface that anyone can use.

  • Hybrid GPU and CPU Architecture

Extreme rendering performance with off-the-shelf hardware components, utilising both the CPU and the available GPU cores. On-Set Dailies benefits immediately from new improved graphics cards and the latest workstation upgrades.

  • Extensive Camera Format Support

Realtime support for all major RAW formats and the latest digital cinematography cameras from RED, Sony, ARRI, Canon, Panavision, Phantom, Go Pro, as well as DSLRs. The latest supported formats include Sony Venice, 8K R3D (Debayered to 4K or below), Canon C200 as well as improved Cinema DNG support.

  • Flexible node graph based image processing pipeline

Fully customisable image processing pipeline that allows any number of simultaneous deliverables with different colour space, burn-in configuration, image size and letterboxing, watermarking, etc.

  • Faster-than-real-time deliverables

Delivers sound-synced, colour graded dailies deliverables faster-than-real-time in all formats required for dailies review, post-production and archive, including HD, HR and Avid Audio (audio-only MXF) for Avid, all ProRes formats for Final Cut, uncompressed DPX including read support for 12bit sequences, TIFF, OpenEXR, QT, H.264 for web-based dailies, and iPad.

  • On-Set Look Creation

Compact location-based look creation for on-set looks, exports and manages 3DLuts to external LUT boxes, including BMD HDLink Pro. On-Set Dailies supports the IIF/ACES workflow, plus Tangent Devices Element control panel.

  • QC and Copy Central

For data management and security of material, On-Set Dailies creates checksum verified copies to multiple destinations, including LTO5. Includes waveform monitor and histogram analysis tools for QC and integrated PDF QC reporting.

Visit our website to find out more, or call Boxer on 01582 466100 to arrange a demo.



Play mezzanine and professional grade media files in a web browser. 

Supporting television production and media distribution while teams work remotely brings with it many challenges. A primary challenge with remote work is the ability to see, hear and understand the technical properties of your media library from afar.

Telestream GLIM is a remote video player that allows users to play most video formats supported by Telestream's Video Processing Library, built to solve well known remote work challenges: be a vastly superior experience to the ‘remote desktop/virtual desktop’ play back experience, and to prevent remote employees wasting hours every day downloading mezzanine grade media files. With GLIM high resolution videos play smoothly in a web browser, even with moderately fast video connections including over VPNs from homes to the office. 

For larger broadcasters, post houses and news agencies looking for a solution to access content remotely, Telestream are now offering 15 x user licenses of GLIM (remote player) with a dedicated Lightspeed appliance to power it and utilise the GPU capabilities which were previously not available.  Contact Boxer for more information or an online demo.

The latest GLIM firmware (version 1.2) is now available:

  • The main improvement is a revamping of the settings system to avoid hand editing JSON files for almost all customer cases. The settings have been moved to a web GUI accessible by admin who have access to localhost (either via remote desktop or physically).

Additional updates include:

  • Ability to render interlaced content in f1, f2, weave and split side-by-side fields for Q
  • A simple built-in load balancer so that customers can put a group of GLIM severs together to handle higher client counts
  • Ability to see Nielsen watermarks applied to a clip
  • Title safe overlays
  • Dark mode
  • Ability to see SCTE markers
  • Ability to skip forward into unindexed content to save time in spot checking workflows
  • Ability to go-to a timecode location

Find out more about Telestream’s GLIM here.




NDI® Screen capture HX works seamlessly with NVIDIA GPU-based PC’s to make your screen available as an NDI source on the network, eliminating the need for expensive video capture cards when sharing or streaming content from another computer. 

Game Stream Performance

Allow game streamers to capture their screen without impacting frame-rate and share or stream it from another computer system on the network running OBS Studio, XSplit, or any of the thousands of applications that support NDI.

4K Remote Control

Remotely control one machine using another on the network with full frame-rate video (even on 4K displays) and full support for moving keyboard, mouse, touch surface, clipboard, audio and video between machines.


NDI Screen Capture HX is provided as part of the free NDI Tools and is available as an installable option when the latest version of NDI Tools is installed on a machine utilising an NVIDIA GPU.

IP Video Revolution - Remove all CPU overhead, Create New Workflows.
NDI Screen Capture HX makes incredible new video workflows possible when used in conjunction with NDI tools provided by NDI, NewTek, and thousands of other NDI developer partners. By removing all CPU overhead when capturing a screen, now for the first time you can use applications, games, and content creation tools without any performance compromises, further enabling the IP video revolution that is more relevant than ever.

NDI Screen Capture HX Is available as part of NDI® Tools - More Content. More Possibilities.

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