Technology Update - New Solutions for a Remote Landscape

18 Aug

Technology Update - New Solutions for a Remote Landscape

Say goodbye to the blue line - Lockdown has fostered an intense period of product development for remote production, storage and IP solutions.

From NewTek's new TriCaster 2 Elite with Live Call Connect, BirdDog's Flex 4K BackPack and Masstech's Kumulate hybrid cloud media and content management to Telestream's Glim, the options for efficient remote production workflows have multiplied exponentially over the past few months.

If you would like to find out more about any of these technologies, discuss options for remote workflows or arrange a demonstration call us on 01582 466100 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

GLIM Remote Playback Engine from Telestream

Supporting television production and media distribution while teams work remotely brings with it many challenges. A primary challenge with remote work is the ability to see, hear and understand the technical properties of your media from afar. Telestream call this media file opaqueness.

GLIM was built to solve well known remote work challenges: be a vastly superior experience to the ‘remote desktop/virtual desktop’ play back experience, and to prevent remote employees wasting hours every day downloading mezzanine grade media files. Solving these two challenges significantly reduces the aforementioned media file opaqueness, and ultimately increases productivity.

The GLIM engine is built for remote playback of any container / codec / resolution / fps /audio channel / colour space combination in a web browser (Windows or Mac OS and Google Chrome v80+).

Playback capabilities:

Supports playback of any media file Switch or Vantage can play or decode

  • Play head scrubbing and frame stepping with keyboard shortcuts (J/K/L/Arrows)
  • Allows for surround mixdown and surround output from multi-channel audio (5.1) source material
  • Selectable audio channels: users can listen to any channel present in the source media
  • Displays ancillary data from media files: timecode, closed captioning (608/708 all services)
  • Image file playback/display (.dpx, .tiff, .tga, .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, animated gifs)
  • Audio only playback (.aiff, .wav, .m4a, .mp3, .f4a, audio only .mov)
  • Allows sidecar caption files to be loaded and played against the source material (SCC, SRT, TTML, VTT)
  • User video quality selection: each user dictates the quality of media they are delivered

GLIM has been designed and engineered to playback high resolution and high bit rate media files over very bandwidth constrained internet connections (example: working from home while connected to corporate VPN).
The GLIM client side bandwidth requirements are configurable (2-8mbps commonly used)

GLIM leverages proven standard technologies to display media in a browser that requires no additional software to be installed by the client.

The GLIM engine can be configured to leverage HTTP or more secure HTTPS protocols (operates on port 5000/5001 by default. 

GLIM supports multiple user authentication schemes including Windows Active Directory

The GLIM engine allows limiting the access to predefined browsable directories The GLIM engine contains a plugin architecture to interact with Vantage and other third party systems via web service (REST) calls.

GLIM ships with sample plugins to submit media files and variable transmission to existing Vantage systems

  • Allows the sharing of media file playback links (with UI configurable in/out points) with other users in your organization
  • Allows for high resolution images of the source media to be downloaded and shared A single GLIM engine supports playback from multiple users.

Individual computers and bespoke playback tools are no longer required to inspect and play mezzanine grade media files

The GLIM engine runs on Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016.

Recommended System configuration(supports playback of up to 5 HD files or two 4K files concurrently):

  • 24+ CPU Cores (2.6 Ghz or greater)
  • 24+ GB RAM
  • 1+ Gbps storage access

Minimal System configuration(supports playback of 2 HD files concurrently):

  • 8 CPU Cores (2.6 Ghz or greater)
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 1+ Gbps storage access

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NewTek Revolutionise Production Workflows with the TriCaster 2 Elite and Live Call Connect

TriCaster 2 Elite embraces the creation of any type of motion media content and delivering it to anywhere viewers want to watch.

As Television, the Internet and Mobile continue to blend together, TriCaster 2 Elite has the flexibility and agility to handle any type of production.

TriCaster 2 Elite merges NewTek’s proven software-driven live production approach with power, efficiency, and flexibility – enabling you to create for all types of digital media programs and platforms. The product comes with every Premium Access Feature as well as:

  • 60x45 video crosspoint that includes 32 external inputs 
  • 8 3G-SDI inputs / 8 configurable mix outputs
  • Live Call Connect which allows remote callers from Skype™, MS Teams™, Zoom Meetings™, GoToMeeting™, Discord, Tencent

These, along with almost unlimited traditional SDI sources, can be accessed and used simultaneously to connect in-studio guests and remote video callers without compromising quality or worrying about connectivity.

For more information or to arrange a demo contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Introducing the BirdDog 4K Flex BackPack


Cameras have an important part to play in remote contribution workflows. Using BirdDog and NDI allows you to simplify your capture and monitoring setup, making it easier to deploy a remote solution. 

Simultaneously encode Full NDI, power your monitor and record with a footprint only slightly larger than a credit card.

Delivering NDI in an incredibly small package, the Flex 4K Family offer all the benefits of BirdDog’s one cable solution - tally, audio, video, PTZ Control, audio intercom and power - along a single ethernet cable.  Available in three options, Flex 4K In, Flex 4K Out and the Flex 4K BackPack, Flex is perfect for all your workflow needs.

Flex BackPack is the ultimate upgrade for your camera top monitor recorder. Featuring an NP style battery connection and 15w power output, it allows you to encode NDI, power your monitor and record all at the same time. Flex Backpack has a Sony L Style (NP) battery mount which allows it to be mounted directly onto a monitor,  perfect for use with products like the Atomos Ninja V.  The Flex BackPack offers 15W DV power out so a monitor can be powered by the single data cable when using PoE.  

Some small mirrorless cameras or DSLR models could also be powered using a dummy battery connected to the DC output on the unit. 


  • HDMI IN 
  • NDI OUT 
  • 15w DC POWER OUT

Kumulate Hybrid Cloud Media and Content Management 


Content Management, Workflow Orchestration, Hybrid Cloud Storage Management

Kumulate is the latest evolution in intelligent storage, workflow and lifecycle management for video assets from Masstech. Kumulate is a modular platform that creates your perfect object storage ecosystem, utilising asset management, workflow orchestration and transcode modules to ensure that your assets are always stored in the most efficient storage tier, and delivered to the right location in the required format. Accessible directly via intuitive panels in both Premiere Pro and Avid, Kumulate’s seamless integration allows users to access their entire inventory across any type of online or deeper storage tier, including cloud, local disk, optical disk, and LTO.

  • Public cloud, private cloud, on-premise disk or tape storage tiers
  • Manage multi-tier storage ecosystem, including all major cloud providers – AWS, Azure, Google, Wasabi etc
  • Deployable as on-premise or in the cloud
  • Automated media ingest
  • Integrated and 3rd party transcode
  • Application-level  interface with all major MAM’s, PAMs and NRCSs
  • Workflows automate batch processes
  • Integrate AI and cognitive services to drive content enrichment
  • Accelerated, disruption-free migrations from tape to cloud or between hardware versions
  • Flexible pricing – OPEX and CAPEX models available
  • Web app – gather analysis and create reports on your usage, workflows and processes, from anywhere
  • Federated search – locate & share content across all of your sites

We are happy to arrange online demonstrations, video calls or remote training in order to help your teams navigate through these complicated times. Give us a call or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we would love to hear from you.


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