Haivision - Broadcast Contribution From Home

14 Apr

Haivision - Broadcast Contribution From Home

Haivision’s latest blog highlights how their high quality, low latency HD video streaming makes it possible for reporters and analysts to easily participate in live interviews over any network to provide critical news updates even when working from home offices.

Broadcasters today are looking for effective ways of bringing in live video streams from journalists and presenters working at home. Video conferencing platforms are an option, but although these platforms are easy to set up, they are not designed for broadcast TV, resulting in low on-air quality, which is made even worse when the platforms and networks are operating at high capacity due to excessive internet usage in the general population.

Haivision solutions including Makito X encoder, Makito X decoder and SRT Gateway provide robust performance over public internet connections offering high quality, robust video in an easy-to-use package. High-quality broadcasting from home is as easy as plugging your encoder in to the internet.

Why customers choose Haivision? 

  • Pristine quality contribution over public internet
  • Low latency streams ideal for interactivity
  • Highly secure encrypted video
  • Firewall friendly to start streaming fast

Haivision Broadcast Contribution

Haivision Broadcast Contribution





• High quality 4K/ HD HEVC/H.264 encoding, even at low bit rates

• Sub-200 ms latency suitable for live and interactive video applications

• SRT support to securely transport high- quality video over any network

• Network Adaptive Encoding for non-stop streaming even when internet is congested

Live interviews from home to facility  

• Live video routing and protocol conversion in real-time

• Stream replication to enable remote monitoring of production of on-air feeds

• Network bridging to adapt video streams for different networks (LAN, WAN, internet)

• Easy firewall traversal of live video

Aggregate and route all SRT streams


• Provide remote stakeholders with cost- effective options for watching production and on-air feeds from anywhere

• Free mobile and tablet apps and low-cost set-top boxes, let you watch replicated SRT streams

• Provide on-air talent with low latency visual cues and confidence monitoring

Watch SRT streams anywhere



Makito x4 Encoder

Haivision SRT Gateway

Haivision Play Pro

Makito X4 Encoder
(Appliance or Blade)



Haivision SRT Gateway

(Server, VM, or Cloud)


Haivision Play Pro

(iPhone, iPad, Set Top Box)


To keep up to date with Haivision news visit their blog or follow @Haivision on Twitter.

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