'Tis the Season for conferences & Briefings

28 Nov

'Tis the Season for conferences & Briefings

Marc Risby gives us an insight into what he has seen and heard whilst out and about at industry events this month.

"So it’s the end of the year and that means conference season in TV-land. Most recently that meant the DPP Tech Leaders’ Briefing and the IABM Annual Conference. Despite being aimed at different groups of people, they shared many common messages and outcomes. 

The DPP had a very mixed audience of supplier and content providers and was incredibly well attended. Speakers included BBC, CBC/Radio Canada, Channel 4, DAZN, Discovery, Google, ITN, ITV, NPO, PBS, SVT, Thomson Reuters, Turner, UKTV, Viacom and Vice Media, all sharing candied insight into their future plans and direction. The key messages revolved around diversity, sustainability and improving efficiencies in the content chain.

One of the highlights from my side was the Keynote from Doctor Eliza Filby examining the difference between people of different generations from ‘Boomers’ to ‘Alpha’ and what drives them. Fascinating, scary and informative in equal measure!

On the sustainability front, the DPP in association with Atos launched a new initiative to help companies score and improve their green credentials, looking at factors like energy usage, eco-building measure and emissions. This free service looks like an excellent way to improve how your company moves forward and embraces the sustainability message and results in a score that, soon, could be used in the tender or procurement process to ensure organisations are working with like-minded suppliers. You can find out more about it here - www.thedpp.com/sustainability.

The IABM conference audience, as you would expect is more focused around manufactures, vendors and integrators but with a good attendance from several important end-users. The theme was ‘Change, Innovate and Adapt’ including a diverse range of speakers from A+E Networks, Avid, Channel 4, Disney, ITV, Reuters and Telestream.

Speakers demonstrated how they were evolving in a changing market to meet the needs of their customers. Again common themes were about how to reduce complexity and cost whilst delivering more. What can be learned from start-up cultures was examined and the Leaders Panels delved into new business models and what the state of the market is really like. If you are an IABM member and didn’t get a chance to attend I believe the sessions were filmed and will be available to members soon."


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