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In line with Government guidelines our teams are safely working remotely, ready and able to help by video call, remote demos, phone support or email. From the Adderlink ipeps+ that enables secure, real-time remote access…

Haivision - Broadcast Contribution From Home

Haivision’s latest blog highlights how their high quality, low latency HD video streaming makes it possible for reporters and analysts to easily participate in live interviews over any network to provide critical news updates even…

Boxer in Conversation with IABM

Boxer CTO Marc Risby joined Ben Dales for their series of "IABM in conversation with..." interviews, discussing Qumulo remote editing applications and cloud storage. If you would like to find out more about Qumulo check…

BoxerShorts: Episode 2 - Qumulo Remote Editing Solutions

Welcome to the April edition of our 'Boxer Shorts’ webinar series, focusing on Qumulo and their remote editing, storage and workflow offerings. Qumulo enable on-prem, cloud and hybrid performance media storage working together with Adobe…


In this blog, ITV looks at the pioneering work it has done in ITV Content Delivery to create a solution to archive content in bulk to the FFV1. Early television history is littered with examples…

'Tis the Season for conferences & Briefings

Marc Risby gives us an insight into what he has seen and heard whilst out and about at industry events this month. "So it’s the end of the year and that means conference season in…

BoxerShorts: Episode 1 - Kumulate Intelligent storage & asset lifecycle management by Masstech

In this first in a series of webinars, Marc Risby - CTO of Boxer, and John Riley- Director of Presales, Masstech get together to discuss Kumulate. Kumulate a modular platform, allows you to build your…

Jayson Chase - Why Boxer Systems is the ideal solutions provider

Group Commercial Director Jayson Chase discusses how Boxer's knowledge, hands on experience, and close working relationships with its partners makes Boxer Systems the ideal solutions provider for the broadcast and media industry.

Marc Risby On Streaming Media

Podcast Episode 3:  CTO Marc Risby discusses the impact of steaming media and OTT services and how they are changing the industry.  

Marc Risby on NDI and SMPTE 2110

In the second podcast episode, CTO Marc Risby discusses NDI and SMPTE 2110, their applications, and how they happily coexist.  

Marc Risby On The Cloud

In the first of a series of podcasts, CTO Marc Risby discusses using the cloud for media. Is it for everyone? Which use-cases make sense and which don't? What trends are we seeing in the…

Jayson Chase discusses Future Technologies

Jayson Chase talks about disruption in the broadcast industry and what that really means, whilst highlighting some of the key new technologies likely to make serious impact in the near future.        

IBC Preview Podcast

Jayson talks about Boxers' plans for IBC and the new technologies they will be looking at.    

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