Boxer at IBC

13-17 September 2019, RAI AMSTERDAM

In an ever-evolving industry, IBC offers the opportunity to experience the latest technological advances, understand emerging trends and hear about new challenges from key industry personalities.

Boxer Systems has extensive knowledge including 4K and HDR capture; mastering and delivery workflows, virtualised and cloud options for encoding, packaging and delivery; monitoring, test and measurement components - and this allows us to identify the best solution for your business requirements.

Boxer systems is proud of its partnerships with some of the industry’s cutting-edge technologies and in conjunction with them, representatives will be available throughout the show.

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Not only there to support existing partners and customers, Boxer uses IBC to actively seek out new, innovative partners to collaborate with.

If you are looking for a forward-thinking and fresh approach to promote and sell your technology, Boxer is the partner for you, forging great relationships that go above and beyond sales with specialist support and expertise.

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IET at IBC -Where can NDI and SMPTE 2110 co-exist? 

marc speak at IBC

Uncompressed video-over-IP has its own showcase at IBC with numerous industry bodies behind it and is starting to show adoption increasing. NDI has made its success differently since the launch in 2015 of this lightly-compressed, low-latency connectivity format for video, audio and more. Released as a freely downloadable software it has a large install base in the AV, Pro-AV and user-generated streaming worlds but with an increasing amount of broadcast manufacturers supporting it, we see live events now done totally with NDI whose galleries operate just like those in a traditional broadcaster. This session finds out whether top-tier broadcasters are overlooking a key technology or whether they’ve got the balance right . Asking whether SMPTE’s ST 2110 or ST 2022-6 is the right choice? What are the practical limits of NDI? And whether VizRT’s purchase of Newtek – the creator of NDI – see a new era of adoption and use within broadcast. Boxer's Group CTO Marc Risby will feature as a member of an expert panel who will try to answer these questions.

Location: Future Trends Theatre

Time: 15:00 -15:45

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