Visual Data and Telestream Team Up to Take the Pain Out of DPP Program Delivery

Asset management and digital media supply chain services provider, Visual Data, has teamed up with Telestream to create re:io, an online broadcast content processing platform intended to create DPP (Digital Production Partnership) files for delivery to UK broadcasters.  With the adoption of the DPP delivery standard, Visual Data recognized an opportunity to build a service that would make it simple for production companies to supply their content to UK broadcasters and give them confidence that their deliveries would meet the requirements of the standard.

re:io allows clients to pay for each transaction on an account or credit card basis; there are no contracts or sign up fees. This makes the process of complying with DPP requirements inexpensive, transparent and pain-free.

The concept, which first saw the light of day some 12 months ago, has seen Telestream’s solution architects, support engineers and product managers working closely with Visual Data’s project team, headed by Matt Goble. The team has been supported by Telestream’s UK channel partner, Boxer Systems. re:io uses Telestream’s Vantage® video transcoding and media processing system to empower all of the ‘heavy lifting’ workflow and transcoding processes throughout the platform. 

Visual Data reports that the project results exceed initial expectations by some margin. Working together, they ensured that Vantage complied not only with the exacting technical standards of DPP, but that the Vantage workflow tools enabled them to provide a solution that fits well with production practices. According to Visual Data, the re:io system simplifies a complex process and gives time back to its clients. If an edit is finished late at night, the editors and production staff can send it to re:io and go home. Working overnight, the re:io system and Visual Data operators process and check the file. If anything needs to be re-edited to comply with DPP specification, the client will have a report by the time he/she returns to work the next day.  If the content all passed through the system, it will be delivered to the target broadcaster that day.

The re:io platform integrates Telestream Vantage software systems and Lightspeed GPU accelerated servers alongside Vidchecker QC software, Aspera Enterprise servers and bespoke software developed by Datadial. “The intuitive Vantage workflow designer enabled us to construct some complex workflows within Vantage,” explained Matt Goble. “Hooking into several third-party applications has meant that we were able to construct and test each part of the process, and then when happy with everything, 'release' it to the developer with a brief on how to access the workflow, what variables to submit, and what data to expect back. Our web developers for re:io engaged frequently with Telestream developer support to ensure smooth development and testing of interfaces using the Vantage SDK.”

According to John Pallett, Director of Product Marketing at Telestream, “Our relationship with Visual Data is important to both companies.  With each new delivery requirement that they identified, our early collaboration has allowed us to ensure swift compliance within Vantage, which in turn has allowed Visual Data to quickly scale their service offering.  Over the last year this approach has accelerated the addition of DPP, Netflix, IMF, and several other delivery formats.”

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