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Telestream Announces Dynamic Ad Insertion Solution

VOD Producer DAI enables advertising sales to present fresh, relevant, demographically targeted ads within on-demand content over existing cable infrastructure

Nevada City, California, April 2, 2015 – Telestream®, the leading provider of video transcoding and workflow automation solutions, today announced availability of a new product built on its Vantage media processing platform. VOD Producer DAI is a software-based system that provides a proven Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) solution for content owners and cable TV multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) of all sizes seeking to realize the revenue generating potential that DAI offers. VOD Producer DAI will be showcased for the first time at NAB 2015 on booth SL3305.

"Telestream VOD Producer DAI enables advertising sales to present fresh, relevant, demographically targeted ads within on-demand content over existing cable infrastructure, significantly increasing revenue," said Paul Turner, VP of Enterprise Product Management at Telestream. "The key to VOD Producer DAI is its ability to make the workflow much more hands-free and cost effective without requiring wholesale infrastructure replacement. Not only does it enable new ads to be inserted into VOD content, it also provides analytics and measurement tools that gauge the effectiveness of the ads for all stakeholders."

Telestream’s VOD Producer DAI allows content production networks to simplify the creation of DAI provisioned CableLabs VOD content while integrating the entire DAI ecosystem of participants. The system assembles final output from audio, video, graphics and metadata components to produce and deliver content and metadata output that is fully DAI provisioned with network branding, Dynamic Ad Insertion requirements and Nielsen watermarking for viewership measurement. It creates content, that complies with all statutary and regulatory requirements and is fully compatible with existing cable infrastructure, so that new hardware is not required.

The key to unlocking the potential of Dynamic Ad Insertion is Vantage’s ability to automatically assemble and deliver DAI-ready cable VOD media. Using Telestream’s VOD Producer DAI, CableLabs compliant VOD media can be assembled from EDLs or XMLs from standard editing and business management systems. National and local region-specific requirements can also be pre-defined and accommodated.

"For a number of years throughout North America, we have partnered with major broadcasters and cable TV MVPDs in creating DAI architectures that enable them to realize the promise of DAI. We have collaborated with the pioneers of the cable DAI initiative and have now succeeded in deploying a business focused solution," said Jim Duval, Director of New Products at Telestream. "With VOD Producer DAI, we have developed a workflow automation platform that is unique and proven to achieve outstanding results in DAI applications of various size and scale."

Canoe, an industry leading advertising technology company focused on delivering dynamically inserted advertising to VOD programming, has classified Telestream as a certified integration partner. "Telestream has proven to be a quality partner to our shared programming clients," said Chris Pizzurro, Head of Product, Sales & Marketing at Canoe. "And VOD Producer DAI has proven to produce reliable results within the VOD DAI ecosystem."

Telestream VOD Producer DAI generates ongoing, profitable revenue with advertising from VOD assets for content production networks of any size. It allows content owners and MVPDs to refresh targeted advertising campaigns and optimize monetization value for any episode of any show.

Using Dynamic Ad Insertion, content owners and distributors can now realize an ad-driven revenue stream on their VOD services. Advertising sales reps can pitch the asset once and sell relevant advertising campaigns against the content throughout the duration of its lifetime. VOD Producer DAI lets users update inventory for holidays, cross promotions and other current events through the entire content lifecycle. Critical to revenue generation, users can measure results via the product’s integrated Nielsen watermarking. With Telestream’s VOD Producer DAI, the promise of Dynamic Ad Insertion can now finally be realized allowing content owners to add significantly to the bottom line of their content production networks.

For more information about Telestream, visit www.telestream.net

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