Telestream VOD Producer

VOD Producer simplifies the creation and assembly of VOD assets.

VOD Producer can operate as a standalone workstation or fully automated Vantage workflow component. Content created with VOD Producer is fully compatible with existing cable infrastructure. No new hardware is required.


VOD Producer is a powerful system built on the Vantage media processing platform that:

  • Automates the assembly of VOD content for production networks of any size
  • Simplifies the complex tasks of VOD preparation for operators with an easy to use graphical interface
  • Assembles branded, edited compositions from off-air captures, clean feeds or NLE sources
  • Interfaces with any Telestream transcoder to produce cable, OTT, mobile and broadband output

VOD Producer allows you to:

  • Edit, trim and reorder content segments
  • Add interstitials for promotion and cross promotion
  • Brand each segment with unique graphics
  • Edit embedded or .scc closed captions to align with content.
  • Map and mix source audio for multiple technology or language requirements
  • Utilize any Telestream transcoder to produce VOD as adaptive bit-rate, transport streams or mezzanine formats


Simple 2-Step Process

Step 1

  • Edit and assemble CableLabs compliant video asset. VOD Producer DAI accepts:
  • EDL from your favorite editor
  • CML documents
  • VOD Producer operator interface


  • Playlist order of content segments
  • Set trim points
  • Caption source definition
  • Vchip & Vchip graphics
  • Branding graphic
  • Copy protection

Step 2

Produce Output:

  • Assemble playlist composition
  • Encode as CableLabs compliant transport stream
  • Create Nielsen metadata documents
  • Distribute assets to ecosystem partners
  • Optional: encode to adaptive bit-rate or mezzanine formats.
  • Optional: Watermark for Nielsen measurement and produce Nielsen metadata


Technical Specifications

What’s Included:

  • VOD Producer Portal
  • Composition playlist assembly processor
  • MPEG2 and H.264 Transport Stream encoders
  • EDL ingest
  • Vantage Workflow Designer
  • Vantage Management Console and Operator Portal Configuration


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