Telestream FlipFactory Trade up to Vantage!

FlipFactory support ends December 31

Join the hundreds who have migrated to Vantage. As of December 31, 2016 FlipFactory will no longer be supported, which means this is the perfect time to trade up to Vantage. Vantage is affordable and the upside for you is huge.

Beautiful Results, No Compromise
With full 16-bit 4:4:4:4 video processing, all Vantage transcoding and content processing steps ensure lossless precision for all video processing algorithms. By offering sufficient bit depth at every stage in the process, Vantage ensures that the details are preserved.

GPU Acceleration
With the Lightspeed Server all video processing can be performed on the GPU, allowing blazingly fast speeds, shorter turnaround times and higher throughput.

Optimised for Servers
Vantage transcoding, analysis and video processing is multi-threaded and optimized for multi-core 64-bit Windows Server architectures.

System Optimisation
Vantage system management tools automatically optimize multi-server and resource utilization to ensure maximum throughput.

Conversion for HD, 4K and International Content
With full support for up-conversion, down-conversion, and standards conversion, Vantage allows you to convert content for different standards as an integrated part of your file-based transcoding or video processing.

Pixel-Perfect Deinterlacing
With unique motion-compensated deinterlacing, Vantage enables creation of proxies, 720, 1080 and UltraHD progressive content from interlaced sources with unparalleled quality.

Better Quality, Lower Bit Rate
With integrated x264 encoding for H.264, and x265 encoding for H.265 (HEVC), Vantage allows you to lower transmission bit rates and increase video quality.

UltraHD and 4K Support Vantage supports full
UltraHD and 4K video processing, including up-conversion from HD content and full GPU acceleration.

World Class Transcoding
Vantage won the Hollywood Post Alliance Engineering Excellence award for its full 16-bit processing during transcoding.

Read More about Trading up from Flip Factory to Vantage here

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