Telestream Live Capture

Lightspeed Live Capture is the flexible solution for ingesting multiple video formats, creating mezzanine and H.264 proxy files, and storing them locally or pushing them to external storage.

Telestream® Lightspeed™ Live Capture is the latest addition to the Telestream portfolio of professional enterprise-class video products.

With the ability to simultaneously capture up to 4 channels of SD/HD/3G, or 1 channel of 4K/UHD—and create mezzanine and proxy files at the same time— Lightspeed Live Capture is one of the most versatile ingest platforms available.

With the future in mind, Lightspeed Live Capture has the ability to address IP and other media content and formats as workflows adapt to changing technologies.


Standalone or Vantage integrated

Lightspeed Live Capture can operate as a standalone device or as part of a Vantage domain. The integration is seamless, and the Capture action appears as an Origin Action in Vantage. Expanding the system is easy: to increase the channel count on your domain, simply add additional Lightspeed Live Capture units.

Media platform friendly

The Lightspeed Live Capture system creates growing files that directly support 3rd party media processing platforms, including Avid Media Central, Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro.

Features at a glance

  • Supports all major high quality codecs
  • Low latency for fast-paced production environments
  • Supports Open and Closed content
  • Input: 4 channels of SD/HD/3G or 1 channel of 4K/UHD
  • Create mezzanine and H.264 or MP4 proxy simultaneously
  • 4.8TB of local storage (option for additional 4.8TB of storage)
  • Timecode: source input, computer clock, free-run or LTC
  • Time Shift buffer
  • Multichannel Gang recording
  • 4 x 10GBase-T network ports
  • Efficient 1 RU chassis
  • Hot swappable dual power supplies
  • Management console and Web API UI

Designed for demanding enterprise-class broadcast and professional video applications, Lightspeed Live Capture offers premium features and exceptional performance. Powered by the latest generation of Lightspeed Live server, Capture excels at performing demanding video ingest and conversion of similar or mixed format sources to simultaneously create and store a full resolution mezzanine file and proxy file. These files can reside on local storage, or using Move & Copy can be sent to external SAN/NAS storage, or Lightspeed K-series storage. These files can also be imported into Vantage and other 3rd-party media processing platforms.

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